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Al-Beltagy: if Shafiq wins, it would be like playing with fire - Daily News Egypt

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Al-Beltagy: if Shafiq wins, it would be like playing with fire

The Daily News Egypt talks to Dr Mohamed Al-Beltagy about the current situation in Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Al-Beltagy talks to The Daily News Egypt

Inside the Muslim Brother’s Freedom and Justice Party headquarters in Al- Maniyal neighborhood in Cairo, Daily News Egypt meets with Mohamed Al- Beltagy, the secretary general of FJP, to get his responses on conflict associated with presidential elections results

Q: Dr Al- Beltagi, what is the stance of the Freedom and Justice Party from the recent back and forth accusations between the presidential  campaigns of Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Mor- si, and the associated conflict in their claimed elections results?

A: I do not believe there is any quarrel or conflict.The vote count statement at all poll stations across Egypt are available at our disposal, signed and stamped by the judges in charge of the peripheral and general poll stations. This is what we have declared.

Q: People were, however, concerned that the presidential  campaign of Morsi have chosen a relatively early timing to announce the results. What do say in response?

A: The results are to be announced by the Supreme Electoral Committee. However, we declared the official vote count statement as received from the judges in charge of the peripheral and general poll stations across Egypt.

Q: But are you certain about the win of Dr Morsi? 

A: It is a factual truth ascertained by material evidence, and not by opinions or mere efforts.

Q: What if the Supreme Electoral Committee announced Ahmed Shafiq as the elected president of the Arab Republic of Egypt?

A:¬†If this were to happen,it would be like¬†‚Äėplaying with fire‚Äô, which will set ablaze those who initiated it.

Q: Regarding the Constitution  Drafting Committee, how do you evaluate Monday’s meeting, and how do you assess the current formation of the committee?

A: Monday  was  the  first  meeting  of the Constitution Drafting Committee, which has been formed following legitimate procedures, and reinforced by the decision of the Supreme Constitutional Court that all decisions and resolutions issued by the Parliament. However now disbanded, the parliament remain in effect. The Constitution Drafting Committee was formed Monday, held its first meeting, and chose Hossam Al-Ghiryani,the Head of the Supreme Judiciary Council,as its chairman. This committee will start assuming its roles and responsibilities, being the sole authority in Egypt entitled to deal with constitutional suggestions.

Nobody is entitled to talk about constitutional texts, including the Military Council, the Consultancy Council, the Council of Ministers, or any other party. No one is entitled to address a Constitutional Declaration, or to suggest a parallel Constitution Drafting Committee.

Q: In light of the recent Military Council’s Constitutional Declaration, and what it entails from provisions limiting the powers of the forthcoming president, what is your reaction?

A: This declaration is comprehensively rejected. The Military Council does not possess the right to issue constitutional declarations. Nevertheless, what the declaration entails is an outright coup against the democratic process, whether concerning the powers of the president, or the validities of the Constitution Drafting Committee and the

Q: Where does the Freedom and Justice Party stand with respect to the recent demonstrations in Tahrir Square opposing the Constitutional Declaration?

A:¬†We are participating in these demonstrations, including the million-man march of today Tuesday, the other one next Friday, and all affiliations aimed to counteract what is termed as ‚Äėthe Military Council‚Äôs coup against the democratic process in Egypt‚Äô.

Q: From this standpoint, are you in agreement with analysts stating that we are now before a complete mili- tary coup?

A:¬†Indeed, a ‚Äėcomplete‚Äô one.

Q: What is the stance of the Freedom and Justice Party from the dissolution of the Parliament?

A: As I said previously, granting the Military Intelligence and the Military Police the right of judicial detainment of civilians, disbanding the Parliament, and issuing of constitutional declarations depriving the president of the republic from his validities and interfering in the affairs of the Constitution Drafting Committee; all this that happened over the course of last week constitute a coup by the Military Council against the democratic process.

Q: Regarding the decree issued yesterday by the Military Council announcing  the formation  of the National Defense Council, what is the Freedom  and Justice Party ’s stance from this newly established  body?

A: The issue of the National Defence Council should be handed to the Constitution Drafting Committee to include in new on stitutional texts. No party has that right to take pre emptive steps to impose certain realities on the ground prior to handing over of the authority on 30 June 2012. Handing over of the authority means handing over of the executive and legislative authorities. The way the constitutional declaration was put indicates that the Military Council will stay in power until being capable of creating new circumstances, with the aim of restricting its grip on power once again.

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