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Muslim Brotherhood denies link to devil worshippers report

The Brotherhood and the FJP deny responsibility for a report filed against the Sawy Culture Wheel accusing them of hosting devil worshippers

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The Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice party (FJP), are both denying any connection to a report which was filed on Sunday requesting an investigation into the Sawy Culture Wheel of hosting devil worshippers at a heavy metal concert on Friday.

“Neither the Brotherhood nor the party have anything to do with this report” a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and legal advisor for the FJP, Abdel Maqsood, told the Daily News Egypt. He said the lawyer who filed the report, Ismail Al-Weshahi, is indeed a Brotherhood and FJP party member but he did not file the report on behalf of either the Brotherhood or the party.

“He already came out and clarified that fact on Sunday” Maqsood added, referring to a phone call Al-Weshahi had made to TV anchor and politics professor, Amr Hamzawy, on his show on CBC on Sunday night where he said that the report was filed as a personal act.

Meanwhile, the Sawy Culture Wheel has released a statement completely refuting all accusations. The cultural hub furthermore added that in its almost 10 years of being in the business, it had never done anything which might be even close to devil worshipping. They said they doubted the existence of devil worshippers in Egypt altogether.

Concerning Friday’s metal concert, the Wheel mentioned that there was nothing out of the ordinary about it.

“It was a normal night with a metal concert” said Heba Ahmad, media coordinator of the Wheel, recalling the night of the concert. “Nobody complained to us about anything concerning the content of concert.”

The Wheel had hosted several metal concerts previously. Metal concerts usually involve people wearing dark T-shirts with prints which might resemble symbols affiliated with devil worshippers.

Heba also explained that they had not heard about the report filed against them until they heard it on the news.

Lawyer Al-Weshahi had filed the report on behalf of his clients, Ahmad Laklouk and Adham Hassanein, where he stated suspicions that a devil worshipping group is holding concerts “of a special type” at the Sawy Culture Wheel, and notifying the Interior Minister Brigadier Ahmad Gamal Al-Deen with his report.

During the investigation, which started on Monday, Al-Weshahi mentioned that while his clients were at the Wheel for media coverage purposes, they saw a large group of youth wearing black T-Shirts with “devil worshippers’ drawings” who were moving and dancing in a weird way , making Laklouk and Hassanein suspect that they were devil worshippers, according to independent daily Al-Masry Al-Youm.

It must be noted that Al-Weshahi had recently filed another report on behalf of the same clients; the report was filed against Al-Fajr chief editor Adel Hammouda, Al-Dostor chief editor Islam Affifi, and Sout Al-Umma chief editor Abdel Haleem Qandil, accusing them of insulting the president.

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