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Salafi Front Launches “Al-Shaab” Party

Rights of workers, farmers, Nubians and the Sinai are the new party's priorities

Salafi Front members have announced the formation of a new political party called "Al-Shaab” (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim)
Salafi Front members have announced the formation of a new political party called ‘Al-Shaab.’ (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim)

The Salafi Front held a conference in the great hall of the Press Syndicate on Saturday to launch a new political party under the name “Al-Shaab” (people’s party).

Ahmed Mawlana, Al-Shaab party official spokesman, announced the commencement of procedures to establish the party at the conference which was attended by Islamic and Salafi figures from different governorates.

“The existing Islamic parties didn’t pay sufficient attention to some issues like the Nubians’ rights, as well as those of farmers and workers. Al-Shaab will deal with these issues as top priorities” Mawlana said.

The Salafi Front is an association of Islamic and Salafi figures as well as groups from different governorates who proselytize for the Salafi interpretation of Islam.

He explained that large segments of the Salafi Front were not satisfied with the performance of the dissolved parliament and therefore wanted to provide a different political model. The party’s vision concentrates on adopting neglected issues, participating in rebuilding Egypt and establishing political stability.

“The party is a civil one with an Islamic background. Islamic and civil aren’t opposites; the opposite of civil is military” Mawlana said.

He added that the Salafi Front is focusing on its da’wah (proselytizing) activities leaving politics to its political arm as represented by parties like Al-Nour and Al-Asalah.

“We welcome anyone who wants to join our party, and we are keen on cooperating with other parties and creating mutual understanding with political powers.”

The launching statement of Al-Shaab was published on the official Facebook page of the Salafi Front on Wednesday, explaining that two years after 25 January revolution, the Front decided to continue its political struggle which started with the revolution through “establishing Al-Shaab party to realise its political vision.”

“The Front ensures that Al-Shaab will not be a reflection of it; the party will have administrative independence and its own political choices which represent its supreme committee, political bureau and institutions” the statement read.

The statement also stressed that the party is for all free Egyptians and seeks full independence of Egypt and the disposal of political and economic subordination to foreign countries. It aims to restructure Egyptian institutions especially the ministry of interior, and help achieve independence of the judiciary and restore the rights of workers, farmers and people of Sinai and Nubians.

During the conference Mawlana announced the supreme committee of the party would composed of five members, Medhat Abdel Bary, Khaled Said, Tarek Abdel Rahman, Hesham Kamal and Shereef Yaseen. The supreme committee is expected to be a temporary one, lasting for one year till elections are held.

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