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Investigation into presidential elections

Ministry of justice will look into claims of fraud

Voters lines up to cast their vote in the presidential elections. (PHOTO BY HASSAN IBRAHIM)
Voters lines up to cast their vote in the presidential elections. (PHOTO BY HASSAN IBRAHIM)

The Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud sent a letter to Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki on Sunday, instructing him to start investigating claims of presidential election fraud.

Counsellor Adel Al-Saeid, the spokesperson of the prosecutor general, announced that Mahmoud ordered Mekki to assign a judge to investigate possible electoral violations and fraud during the latest presidential elections.

“All the cases were gathered along with the one filed by Ahmed Shafiq and we sent them to the Ministry of Justice to start the investigation,” Mamoud told the Daily News Egypt.

Former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq filed a case in October demanding an investigation into the results of the presidential elections.

The case was filed by Shafiq’s lawyer Shawky Al-Sayed. He asked the prosecutor general to consider violations that include claims of ballot fraud at the Amireya print house. He also referred to reports that stated Copts were prevented from voting in some governorates.

Mohamed Abu Hamed, ex-parliamentarian and a supporter of Shafiq said the decision was expected, as many people filed cases claiming fraud; an investigation is necessary to support or refute these allegations.

“What’s important is the serious intention to carry on with the investigation and discover the truth,” Abu Hamed said.

Abu Hamed added that he regrets Shafiq filed the case rather late and that it would have been better following the elections, when Mohamed Morsy became president.

“Nobody is above the law, not even the president” he said.

Ahmed Abo Baraka, a lawyer of the Muslim Brotherhood said this was a normal but useless procedure, “every accusation should be investigated, even if it is false.”

Baraka said the case was filed by “a fugitive, wanted for corruption cases” referring to Shafiq, and that it aims to stir up public opinion and get media attention.

Mahmoud recently clashed with the president’s office, following a decision to appoint him envoy to the Vatican. Mahmoud’s refusal prompted Islamist groups to protest and demand Mahmoud’s removal.

The crisis was resolved after negotiations between Mahmoud and Mekki.

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