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Presidential advisers hold talks in Matruh

Previously excluded groups given the chance to express their concerns

A meeting on Wednesday between presidential advisers and Matruh residents aimed to resolve issues concerning a disputed nuclear power plant, sanitation, and unemployment.

The meeting included representatives of the United Revolutionary Movement of Matruh (Takwa) who were excluded from a delegation that met President Mohamed Morsy on 6 November.

The delegation arrived in the governorate of Matruh, led by judge Yayha Hamid, an adviser to the president, and representatives from various ministries, including the Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

Khaled Al-Senini, spokesperson for Takwa said, “representatives of Takwa presented the files that we prepared covering every issue that we want to discuss.” These files were prepared to present to Morsy himself but after a scuffle at a preparation meeting to choose the members of the delegation to come to Cairo, members of Takwa were not included on the list.

Al-Senini said, “members from the Salafeya and the Muslim Brotherhood are also represented in the meeting.” The advisers are set to hear the problems presented by all of the groups. Al-Senini said, “the meeting has been successful, however the when Karim Al-Melegy (a member of Takwa) presented the problem of land ownership, the advisers did not understand the problem. We want the people who work on the land to own the land but this is not the case at the moment.”

The demands of the people have been the same since the Takwa movement began a month long sit-in in mid-September. Some of their demands are increasing the number of jobs for young people, better health care and hospitals, clean drinking water, a cleaner city and repair work for the roads.

Originally their main demand was for the removal of the General Taha Mohamed Al-Sayed from his post as governor. Morsy granted this and replaced him with Major General Ahmed Helmy Fathi Al-Hatimi.

Another major issue raised at the meeting with the advisers was the issue of the building of a nuclear power plant in the town of Dabaa. Protesters from Dabaa rejected the offer of monetary compensation, which Morsy offered them. They oppose the establishment of the nuclear site in Dabaa on the grounds of the health and safety of its citizens.

Al-Senini said, “all of the problems have been discussed and we will see what will happen.”

Samir Abady and Ayman Al-Kady, representatives from the Khalda petroleum company that has processing facility Matruh, were also present at the meeting. Al-Senini said “they have agreed to provide jobs for the sons of Matruh. This is a very positive step.”

Al-Senini said, “the advisers will return to Cairo and report back to the president about the meeting.”

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