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Newspapers and TV channels blackout in protest

Media protests against draft constitution

Daily News Egypt has decided to withhold its print edition on Tuesday in solidarity with the Press Syndicate recommendation, in protest at President Mohamed Morsy’s constitutional declaration and the proposed constitution that threatens freedom of speech.

Several independent newspapers decided to blackout on Tuesday in protest against President Mohamed Morsy’s latest resolutions regarding the draft constitution. Several TV channels also decided to blackout on Wednesday for the same reasons.

The decision to blackout came after The National Committee for Defending Freedom of Opinion and Expression held a meeting on Thursday to discuss Morsy’s constitutional declaration and articles relating to the rights of journalists in the new draft constitution.

Chief editors of several newspapers and representatives from TV channels attended the meeting.

Many journalists and media anchors criticised articles related to media in the draft constitution, saying that it limits the rights of journalists, subjecting them to imprisonment.

Al-Watan, Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Youm El-Sabie, Al-Tahrir, Al-Borsa, Al-Osboo’, Al-Karama, Al-Shorouk, Al-Wafd, and Al-Fagr newspapers are participating in the blackout.

Daily News Egypt also decided to blackout on Tuesday.

Additionally, ON TV, Dream TV, and CBC TV channels decided to blackout on Wednesday.

On Monday, Al-Tahrir, Al-Youm El-Sabie, Al-Watan and Al-Wafd shared the same title and photo on their front pages. The titles of the front pages read “No to Dictatorship” and showed a photo of a chained prisoner sitting inside a cell, representing the situation of journalism in Egypt.

President Morsy has set 15 December as the date for the referendum on the draft constitution, which has been criticised by civil groups and judges, as well as journalists and media anchors.

Morsy also issued a constitutional declaration, immunizing the Constituent Assembly, Shura Council and his decisions against the judicial authority.

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