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Participants, parties and protests

A breakdown of the political groups involved in protests and marches on 4 December, where they will go and the nature of their demonstrations.

Security forces gear up for presidential palace protesters. (DNE/ Mohamad Omar)

Protest participants:

1)   National Rescue Front (Al-Dostour Party, Popular Current, Egyptian Social Democratic Party)

2)   6 April Youth Movement

3)   Revolutionary Socialists

4)   Egypt Copts’ Coalition

5)   Strong Egypt Party

6)   Shia’a representatives


1)   Freedom and Justice Party

2)   Al-Nour Party

3)   Building and Development Party

4)   Al-Azhar

5)   Al-Sha’ab Party

6)   Al-Wasat Party

Marching to the presidential palace:

1)   National Democratic Front (excluding Al-Dostour Party)

2)   Al-Dostour Party Students

3)   6 April Youth Movement

4)   Egypt Copts’ Coalition

Marching to Tahrir Square:

1)   Al-Dostour Party

2)   Strong Egypt Party

Occupying Tahrir Square after both marches:

1)   National Democratic Front

2)   Strong Egypt Party

3)   Egypt Copts’ Coalition

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