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ElBaradei addresses Egyptians

Asks Morsy to revoke declaration

Mohamed ElBaradei. AFP/File Photo

Official Spokesman of the National Salvation Front and Nobel Laureate Mohamed ElBaradei addressed Egyptians on TV Friday night.

In his eight-minute speech, ElBaradei said that everyone in Egypt is grieving because of “the current conditions”.

He asserted that Egyptians [protesting] on the streets are not moved by an individual or party, but by “their conscience as evident by [January 25 2011] revolution.” He stressed the importance of finding a way “for all to live together” through a “representative constitution and parliament” and this can not be done as “proteste continues” . He explained that one has to understand the reasons behind the anger of the Egyptian people as they feel that the goals of the revolution have not been met.

He highlighted the importance of peaceful protesting which he called “the greatness of our revolution” and warned of any group instigating more bloodshed.

He asked President Mohamed Morsy to revoke the constitutional declaration “which almost all Egyptians are against”and to delay the constitutional referendum until Egyptians reach a consensual constitution. “I hope Dr. Morsy has listened to the people’s voice in the last two days [and] to ease current tension.”

El-Bardei asserted that Egypt encompasses all Egyptians, Muslims, Copts, Nubian and Muslim brotherhood members and all have move forward to “build” the country.

“I bet on [Morsy’s] patriotism…and if he takes [these two]steps, Egyptians will respond and we can move from this angry phase to a dialogue.”

He assured that Egypt had passed  some “tough conditions” throughout history , but Egyptians prevailed because they are a great nation.

“I am happy and proud to be an Egyptian.”



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