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A Year in Review: Timeline of the transitional period

Daily News Egypt reviews 2012's most important events on the Egyptian political scene

23 January: First session of the People’s Assembly

25 January: First anniversary of the revolution, thousands of Egyptians gather in Tahrir demanding revolution goals

29 January: Elections of the Shura council

1 February: 74 dead at a football match in Port Said

11 February: Calls for general strike against military rule

28 March: First session of the first Constituent Assembly to draft the constitution

10 April: Supreme Administrative court suspends the Constituent Assembly for being unrepresentative of the Egyptian people.

2 May: Clashes in Abbaseya come to a halt after 11 are pronounced dead and hundreds injured

23, 24 May: First stage of presidential elections

2 June: Former President Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life imprisonment for failing to prevent the killing of protesters in Tahrir Square, January 2011

13 June: New Constituent Assembly elected

14 June: SCAF dissolves PA after constitutional court ruled the assembly’s elections unconstitutional

16, 17 June: Runoff between Mohamed Morsy and Ahmed Shafik

17 June: SCAF issues supplementary constitutional decree limiting presidential powers and gaining power over legislation and Constituent Assembly

30 June: Morsy sworn in as Egypt’s president

24 July: Hesham Qandil appointed as prime minister

2 August: Morsy Annuls SCAF’s supplementary decree and issues a new one giving himself power over the Constituent Assembly

5 August: 16 Egyptian soldiers killed at a checkpoint on the borders with Gaza

12 August: Morsy sacks Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi and appoints Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi as Minister of Defence

11 October: Morsy removes Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud from his post and appoints him envoy to the Vatican, fuelling a crisis with the judiciary.

17 November: More than 50 children dead when a train hit their school bus

22 November: Morsy issues constitutional declaration protecting his decisions from judicial review

30 November: The Constituent Assembly finished drafting the constitution

1 December: Hossam El-Gheriany, head of constituent assembly delivers the draft constitution to Morsy, while Islamists demonstrate their support in front of Cairo University

2 December: Supreme Constitutional Court postpones case of dissolving Constituent Assembly and Shura council as protesters surround the court

4 December: “Final Warning” protest marches from Tahrir to the presidential palace demonstrating against Morsy’s constitutional declaration. A number of independent newspapers and TV channels observed a media blackout in protest of restrictions on media freedoms

5 December: Clashes at the presidential palace when Muslim Brotherhood protesters attacked presidential palace sit-in

8 December: Morsy issues another constitutional declaration annulling the first one

12 December: Egyptians abroad start voting on the constitution

15 December: Constitutional referendum held in 10 governorates

22 December: Remaining governorates vote on constitutional referendum

25 December: Constitution passes with 63.8 per cent approval after a low turn-out of 32 per cent of eligible voters

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