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Shopping online hassle free, for a fee

Edfa3ly.com offers a number of major retailers on their website, but will accept orders from any reputable website in the US

8-2Even if the amount of shops sporting international brands in Cairo is substantial and a growing number of businesses offer imported goods, from cosmetics to clothing and furniture, there are still things that are hard to find in Egypt which are readily available abroad. If you are looking for that one specific book, pair of shoes, kitchen gadget or whatnot, the personal shopping service of Edfa3ly.com will take care of your order and will deliver it to your home.

Edfa3ly (pay for me) is a service designed to be easy to use and so is their website. The whole process is broken down into four steps; from picking what you want to order, calculating the total costs, arranging for payment to having it delivered to your home.

Edfa3ly offers a number of major retailers on their website, but will accept orders from any reputable website in the US. All potential customers need to do is add the Edfa3ly Mini Cart App to the toolbar of their browser and when you find an item you would like to buy, all you need to do is click on the mini cart icon and the item will be added to your shopping list.

A simple calculator awaits you at step two, to find out how much this coveted item will end up costing you. Add the total cost of what you are buying, including taxes and delivery charges within the US, the total weight of the package and choose the appropriate category of the content, to give a good indication of the taxes you will be charged on this end. The total amount that is quoted includes the original purchasing price, the international shipping costs, taxes in Egypt and Edfa3ly’s fee of five per cent of the original purchase price.

The next step is the payment and Edfa3ly also makes this easy by offering a plethora of possibilities. From paying in person at their offices, having a runner come to your home to pick up the payment, to bank transfers and credit cards, all options are available to take care of your payment which is due at the time of placing the order.

A tracking service on the website lets you follow your order from purchase to delivery, which will be anywhere between one to two weeks after ordering .

Edfa3ly is different from other shipping services that give you a local address to send your purchases to and who take care of shipping and customs only. Edfa3ly actually handles the complete process for you, including placing and paying for the order which makes the service available to those without credit cards and for purchases from websites that do not accept credit cards registered to Egyptian addresses.

The additional international shipping and customs costs can be hefty, depending on what you are buying, and the fee of five per cent for Edfa3ly on the original price, including local taxes and shipping, is substantial.

But, for a fee, Edfa3ly offers a service that allows you to buy what you really want, hassle free.

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