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‘Centrist’ coalition formed

A diverse coalition, headed by Al-Wasat Party, announced in an effort to end polarisation

A group of parties with various alignments announced a “centrist” coalition on Tuesday at Al-Wasat Party’s headquarters in Moqattam.

The coalition is comprised of six parties including Al-Wasat Party, the Ghad Al-Thawra Party, the Civilisation Party, the Virtue Party, the Reform and Renaissance Party, Al-Asala Party, the Egyptian Current, and the Al-Sarh Al-Masry Party.

Members of each party attended a press conference, announcing that the new coalition would run together in parliamentary elections drawing strength from the moderation that comes from the wide range of political alignments across the coalition.

Chairman of Al-Wasat Party Aboul Ela Madi told reporters that the group’s aim was to overcome the polarisation from which the Egyptian political sphere suffers. He stressed that the list of parties participating in the coalition was not final, and that they were open to other groups that might want to join.

Mohamed Mahsoub of Al-Wasat Party stressed that the group is not only an electoral coalition that will cooperate during parliamentary elections, but stands as a political coalition that will remain united. Mahsoub said the group was also a “cultural” coalition that seeks to capture the spirit of the nation’s identity, and move it away from polarisation so that problems experienced by all Egyptians could be the main focus.

Mahmoud Al-Khudeeri said the candidates fielded by the group would represent Egyptian society and would not discriminate against anyone based on gender, religion, or political affiliation when making its selections.

Hisham Abdel Aziz of the Reform Party claimed the party represented an alliance of Egyptians without discrimination, saying that the group’s diversity provides a “bright future” and “great hope” for Egypt.

Al-Asala Party joined Al-Nour Party in the Islamist Bloc in the last parliamentary elections. Al-Wasat ran independently and won roughly 3.7% of the vote. Ghad Al-Thawra and the Civilisation Party were part of the Democratic Alliance with the Freedom and Justice Party, and each won two seats.

The timing for elections for the House of Representatives will be determined by next month, and a new Shura Council will be elected approximately six months later.

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