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Aid convoy to Port Said postponed

Popular Current incapable of hiring buses due to security orders

Egyptian mourners march in the canal city of Port Said on 28 January 2013 during the funeral of six people killed in clashes the day before, triggered by death sentences on supporters of a local football team.  President Mohamed Morsi sought to crack down on violence which has swept Egypt since January 26 in which more than 45 people have died after a Cairo court handed down death sentences on 21 supporters of the football club, Al-Masry, in the wake of football violence in 2012. Morsi declared a month-long state of emergency in the provinces of Port Said, Suez and Ismailiya. AFP PHOTO / STR
Egyptian mourners march in the canal city of Port Said on 28 January 2013 during the funeral of six people killed in clashes the day before (AFP PHOTO )

The Popular Current postponed an aid convoy headed for the city of Port Said on Monday, amid violence in the city since Saturday.

The convoy was scheduled to head for the turbulent city on Tuesday morning. It was organised by the Popular Current alongside independent political activists, offering moral support to residents of Port Said.

In a statement released on Monday, the Popular Current mentioned that all tourist agencies approached declined to rent out buses. The tourist agencies allegedly received strict security instructions.

The Popular Current said in a statement: “We nevertheless insist, alongside other contributing activists, on rescheduling the convoy as soon as possible.”

They added that should no buses be available, the convoy would resort to using private cars.

The Popular Current, in collaboration with several other political movements, is organising three marches in Cairo to express solidarity with the Canal cities of Ismailia, Port Said and Suez. The political movements include; Al-Dostour Party, Social Popular Alliance Party (SPAP), Free Egyptians Party, Revolutionary Socialists and Maspero Youth Coalition.

The marches are to protest a state of emergency announced in the Canal cities, refusing attempts to “isolate” the three cities, the Popular Current said.

The Canal cities have witnessed deadly violence over the past four days. Bloody clashes erupted in Suez on Friday, as protesters took to the streets on the second anniversary of the 25 January Revolution. On Saturday, clashes reached Port Said after a court verdict on the Port Said massacre sentenced 21 Port Said residents the death penalty.

President Mohamed Morsy declared a state of emergency on Monday in the three Canal cities. He also imposed a curfew from 9pm till 6am, valid for 30 days.

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