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Abu Ismail calls for ‘non-stop marches’

Denounces calls for army intervention in political life, announces solidarity with Syrian revolution and bearded policemen

Abu Ismail, during a public conference held on Friday, denounced calls for army intervention in the Egyptian political life (Photo Public domain)
Abu Ismail, during a public conference held on Friday, denounced calls for army intervention in the Egyptian political life
(Photo Public domain)

Salafi disqualified presidential candidate and founder of Al-Raya Party Hazem Salah Abu Ismail criticised the calls for the army to intervene in political life, and announced numerous marches and protests during a public conference held at Haram City, Giza on Friday.

Abu Ismail said the conference represented the start of several conferences, marches and protests. “We were patient for months, hoping for the success of our brothers. But the current situation is dangerous; many conspiracies are currently aiming to create a constitutional vacuum that would bring the army back to the streets.”

The Salafi figure addressed his supporters, urging them to never leave the streets. “Starting today, we will be on the streets, from Tahrir Square to all other squares.”

The disqualified presidential candidate said he hoped that parliamentary elections would take place as previously scheduled on 22 April. However, he called on all Islamist parties, including the Freedom and Justice and Al-Nour parties, to join the Umma Coalition led by him and including seven Islamist parties. He added that the coalition would be ready for the parliamentary elections whenever they are held. “We will run for 100% of seats in parliament,” he said.

The Administrative Judicial Court decided on 6 March to suspend the parliamentary elections and refer the electoral law to the Supreme Constitutional Court, before the State Litigation Authority appealed the ruling on Wednesday.

During the conference, Abu Ismail raised the flag of the Syrian revolution, stating that his supporter should prioritise reforming Egypt but should still play a role in helping Palestine and Syria. Several Syrians attended the conference, holding the Syrian revolution flag and chanting against Bashar Al-Assad and his regime.

Abu Ismail’s supporters cheered and applauded, and chanted slogans praising him and the Syrian revolution.

Abu Ismail asked the audience to support the bearded police officers, who are holding a sit-in demanding to be allowed to return to work with beards. “They received a judicial verdict and the president knows about it. The president is bearded and so is the prime minister. Fears of chaotic opposition are preventing the implementation of the verdict and that’s why we should support them.”

At the end of the conference, Abu Ismail announced that another public conference would take place in the coming weeks in Cairo.

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