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Friday protests garner split reactions

Several political parties are throwing their weight behind the Muslim Brotherhood’s call to protest, while many are refusing to participate

Morsi supporters rally in front of Cairo University on 1 December. (DNE/ Ahmed Al-Malky)
Morsi supporters rally in front of Cairo University on 1 December. (DNE File Photo)

In response to the Muslim Brotherhood’s call to protest on Friday, several political groups have responded. Parties such as Al-Nour and political movements such as the 6 April Youth Movement have rejected the call to protest, while groups such as the Youth for Justice and Al-Wasat have taken up the call.

On Wednesday the Brotherhood declared they would be protesting in front of the High Court building in Cairo to purge state institutions and call on the Shura Council to ratify the judicial authority law, “responding to the demands of political forces”.

The 6 April Youth Movement said in a statement it rejects the call to protest, listing several reasons. “The group calling for the demonstrations were the first to threaten the independence of the judiciary and the administration of justice in Egypt,” 6 April said. “The President, who belongs to this group, appointed the Prosecutor General who serves the goals and objectives of the group and refused to listen to the calls coming from other groups asking him to go back on his decision.”

The statement also said the Brotherhood intimidates judges and uses the Ministry of Justice to crush justice and deny incidents of torture. The statement also said the Brotherhood uses the judiciary to terrorise public figures, politicians and the media by opening investigations against such people or groups for speaking ill of the party or its leaders.

6 April accused the Brotherhood of being hostile to the true values of justice, saying that the Brotherhood has committed “heinous crimes against humanity”.

The Nour Party meanwhile released a statement by Galal Amin, secretary of the party, cautioning citizens from participating in protests. The statement said the party does not encourage any gatherings “at this critical time the country is going through” so that enemies of the revolution cannot profit from it.

Amin said that the party recognised that some who attend protests attempt to derail protests to create violence and chaos, adding that the party fears the possibility of such an occurrence on Friday.

The Wasat party called on Egyptians to “face the counter-revolution,” which the party says showed itself “by releasing symbols of corruption and tyranny and the acquittal of all the murderers of the revolutionaries”.

The Youth Movement for Justice and Freedom also announced it would participate in the protests. The group plans to set off from Dawaran Shubra at 2 pm and march towards the Shura Council to protest against the recent violence around the Coptic Cathedral and to demand swift investigations to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The group will also be participating in a march from Tala’at Harb to Tahrir Square to demand the release of political activists and justice for those who died in the revolution, as well as the dismissal of the Minister of Interior.

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