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Rights groups seek to halt school violations

A group of human rights organisations seeks to protect female students amid an alleged rise in school abuse

Proposals to combat sexual harassment include intensifying security patrols outside of girl’s schools (File photo) Mohamed Omar
A group of human rights groups formed a coalition on Tuesday aiming to crack down on unjust practices in Egypt’s schools.
(DNE File Photo\ Mohamed Omar)

A group of human rights groups formed a coalition on Tuesday aiming to crack down on unjust practices in Egypt’s schools.

A statement issued by the group on Tuesday said that they intend to end various violations in government schools throughout the country. The group says it “seeks to monitor and face the facts of violence against female students at various educational stages,” saying that the country has seen a trend of increasing infringement on the rights of female students.

The initiative listed four goals it hoped to achieve in its new campaign. Firstly, it said the group seeks to reveal incidents of repeated and systematic violence against female students, including sexual harassment and assault.

The campaign will work within the framework of its “commitment to international agreements” and standards addressing the rights of women and children.

The coalition also sought to emphasise that the Ministry of Education is complicit in these violations, and that the Ministry has not provided sufficient oversight to protect students. The group vowed to work on establishing the understanding that violence is not an acceptable way of improving student performance.

Those participating in the initiative include the Nazra for Feminist Studies organization, the New Women Foundation, the Girls’ Revolution, the National Group for Human Rights and the Law, the Uprising of Women in the Arab World, Fouada Watch, the Baheya Ya Masr Movement, the Girls of Egypt are the Red Line Movement, the Civil Egypt Movement, the Psychological Initiative, the I Will Not Be Silent about Harassment Movement, and the Ultras Ta’ Al-Ta’neeth.

The group invited people to demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Education on Wednesday, demanding the removal of Minister of Education Ibrahim Deif due to numerous violations that have allegedly occurred under his tenure.

The protest will also demand the formation of a ministerial committee to inspect schools throughout Egypt and act to penalise perpetrators of violations at schools.

The collective of organisations said it would work to report cases of abuse and violence in schools and provide support for students subject to violations and their families.

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