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DIY beauty treatments

A few natural treatments you can easily prepare at home

This is what the DIY hair masque looks like when prepared
This is what the DIY hair masque looks like when prepared

The prices of skin care and hair products are always on the rise, and it is often hard to find a product that promises to deliver all you need. In addition, there many strange ingredients featured on the backs of many lotions and potions that baffle and confuse buyers. The answer is quite simple, Do It Yourself. You know that recipe book of your grandmother’s that contains a strange recipe for a face cream? Chances are that that natural face cream gives better results than all those fancy brands filled with chemicals.

Get ready for the holidays ahead with some homemade treatments for your skin and hair.

Hair masque

1 banana

1 cup yogurt

4 Tbs olive oil

Mash the banana and pass it through a sieve. Add the yogurt and stir until combined.

Warm up the olive oil and make sure it is not over-heated; when it starts to smoke it is too hot!

Add the warm olive oil to the banana-yoghurt mixture and stir well until combined.

Massage the mixture in your hair, avoiding the roots if they get oily.

Leave for 15 minutes to an hour. Rinse out well and wash your hair with shampoo.

Repeat the masque at least once a week.


Face and feet exfoliator

1 tsp Vaseline

2 tsp sugar

Mix the sugar and the Vaseline well.

Rub gently in circular motion on your skin until the dead skin is removed.

Wash your skin with warm water.


Under-eye treatment

The treatment is for under-eye weariness or puffiness.

1 tsp finely ground coffee

1 tsp honey

Make sure the ingredients are of a high quality and avoid using spiced coffee.

Mix the coffee and honey well.

Gently apply the mixture under your eyes, making sure nothing gets inside your eyes.

Wait for up to five minutes.

Wash with cold water.


Cucumber aftershave*

Half a cucumber

Quarter cup mint extract

Half cup water

Blend the cucumber in a food processor or blender until liquid.

Add the mint extract and blend two ingredients well.

Pass the mixture through a sieve and add it to the water.

Microwave the mixture for 3 minutes on high.

Let it sit for 10 minutes and use when cool.

Store it in the refrigerator.


Please consult a specialist before use of any treatment. Daily News Egypt is not responsible for resulting reactions to the treatments.

*Courtesy of Craftbits.com

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