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Fun things to do on the beach

Some suggestions on how to make the most of your vacation

Sunset at the beach is a great time to contemplate and relax Photo by Thoraia Abou Bakr
Sunset at the beach is a great time to contemplate and relax
Photo by Thoraia Abou Bakr

Going to the beach is a favourite pastime for a long weekend, but alternating between taking a swim and baking in the sun can become repetitive, or even boring. With a long weekend ahead, here are some suggestions for activities you can do to keep yourself and your friends and family entertained.

If you are alone

Wake up really early, just before sunrise, and take a walk where the sea meets the beach. Chances are you will find some creatures that do not come out during the day, like sea crabs. Take some photos, and enjoy the silence as the cool sea laps over your feet. And if you are brave, jump in the cool, crystal water of early morning and go for a swim when you have the sea all to yourself.

Sunset serenity
Find a quiet place at the edge of the water and just watch the sun go down. Bring your iPod to listen to your favourite tunes and let your mind wander; as the day ends you will find yourself winding down with it.

Yoga at sunrise
Going through a yoga routine on the beach might be one of the most relaxing activities ever, especially when the beach is empty. So, go ahead and do the sun salutation when it has just arrived with the sound of the waves as background music.

Of course, it goes without saying that one of the best things you can do on a beach is reading. We highly recommend listening to music and sleeping; it is, after all, a vacation.

If you are in a group

Playing cards
The beaches of Egypt are sun-sure destinations and during the day it can get very hot, so there is no fear of wind blowing away your cards. Also, you might want to up the ante a little bit by setting some kind of punishment for the loser, like getting everyone a cold drink.

Volleyball can be a really fun activity when you are traveling with a group. It is a great way to pass the time, get some exercise and have fun. Once you and your friends start, chances are that other teams will soon show up to play against you. Just make sure you wear a lot of sunscreen and a hat.

Bonfire on the beach
Ask your hotel to arrange a bonfire for your group at the beach. Bring some food, drinks and music and you are set for the night.

Sandcastle contest
Challenge your friends to a sandcastle contest, and see who still remembers this childhood activity. Chances are, before you know it everyone will be happily digging away and reliving some really good memories.

Spending a few days on the beach away from the city is a great way to replenish your energy and relax. To make sure you will come back refreshed and with a healthy, sun-kissed glow remember to drink lots of water, reapply your sunscreen a few times a day, and find some shade during the hottest hours of the day. Happy holidays!


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