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Sharqeya fight leaves at least two killed

A fight between FJP member's son and Sharqeya residents over comments on Facebook

The son of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) secretary in Al-Qattawiya village in Sharqeya, Rabei Abdel Salam, was killed Thursday night after shooting two people in a fight.

Ahmed Eid, an Al-Dostour Party member in Sharqeya, said that Youssef Rabei Abdel Salam, the FJP secretary’s son, ended a fight using gunshots which ended up killing two residents. Abdel Salam got into a fight with Mohamed Zakaria, a tailor, over a Facebook status where the latter insulted President Mohamed Morsi, reported state-owned Al-Ahram. Abdel Salam reportedly killed Zakaria and a tuk-tuk driver who intervened to break up the fight.

Sayed Hozayn, Shura Council member for the FJP in Sharqeya, denied that Rabei Abdel Salam is a leading figure in the party. “He is just a party member,” he said.

“Even if he’s a leading figure, what does this have to do with his son’s incident?” Hozayn questioned. “Why should that be the party’s or the Muslim Brotherhood’s concern?”

According to Hozayn, Youssef Abdel Salam got into a fight with a driver. The fight evolved until Abdel Salam took his father’s licensed pistol and fired in the direction of the driver, aiming for his leg. The shot hit a third person who was trying to break up the fight, Hozayn claimed.

Residents chased Abdel Salam to his four-level house. They burnt the house as well as Abdel Salam’s car.

“Security forces failed to stop the violence right away,” Hozayn said. He stated that they arrived Thursday after midnight, evacuating the house of all the women inside. “Youssef Abdel Salam was left alone inside the house; the residents attacked him with bladed knives until they killed him.”

Abdel Salam died upon being transferred to the general hospital, reported Al-Ahram.

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