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Samsung Galaxy S4 leads pack

Website Reviewzat compares the latest smartphone models available on the market

The new Samsung Galaxy S4  (AFP Photo)
The new Samsung Galaxy S4
(AFP Photo)

By: Muhammad Alaa Al-Din

A number of new smart phones have recently been released onto the market, with competition between manufacturers heating up. This can often leave consumers confused when looking to decide which phone is best suited to their needs.

According to the website Reviewzat, one way users can distinguish between phones is to compare the pixel and megapixel purity of phone screens and cameras, in addition to learning more about each model’s processor. However, each phone is different, Reviewzat says, and if users want to know which best fits their needs, they will have to analyse details and reach a decision on their own.

The new phones include the Nokia Lumia 920, Huawei Ascend D2, Sony Experia Z, BlackBerry Z10, LG Optimus G Pro, HTS One and the Galaxy S4.

All manufacturers are seeking to release phones with larger screens. The best model in this regard is perhaps the LG Optimus G Pro, with a 5.5 inch screen, while the BlackBerry Z10 has the smallest screen at 4.2 inches. The Nokia Lumia 920 is reportedly the thickest of the new models, giving it a bulky, heavy feel.

The HTC One is distinguished by its aluminum cover, which increases its durability and gives shape to its front speakers, while the Lumia 920 comes in a variety of colours deemed attractive to younger consumers. Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 maintains the same look as the company’s previous model, the Galaxy S3.

Sony’s Experia model is the only one that is both water and dust resistant, while the Lumia 920 and HTC One models are most likely to break as a result of damage. Of all the phones, the BlackBerry Z10 is the smallest, while the LP Optimus G Pro is the largest. The Galaxy S4 strikes perhaps the best balance between the models.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy S4 possesses the newest and most modern processor. Most of the models operate on a quad-core processor, with the exception of the Lumia 920 and BlackBerry models. All the phones have 2 GB of RAM, with the exception of the Lumia which possesses only 1 GB. For this reason, it is the weakest in terms of performance.

The Galaxy S4 model provides users with two operating systems, the 1.9 GHz quad core processor and the 1.6 GHz eight core processor. The amount of memory available differs depending on the phone, with users of this model able to purchase external memory chips. The Lumia 920 model operates on the Windows Phone 8 OS system, with the BlackBerry Z10 model operating on a BlackBerry 10 operating system. The remaining models use the Google Android Jellybean operating system. Of all the models, the Galaxy S4 is considered the best in terms of performance, with the Lumia 920 and BlackBerry being the weakest.

All the phone models possess 1080 * 1920 pixel screens, with the exception of the BlackBerry and Lumia 920 models which possess 1280 * 768 pixel screens. The HTC One has the highest screen purity level, possessing 469 pixels per inch, making it the best in this category and the Lumia 920 the worst. Most of these differences, however, would not be noticeable to the average user.

All the phones come with a front-side camera which can be used for video chat. They can all also display high-quality 1080 video.

Most of the phones come with 13 megapixel cameras, with the exception of the HTC model which possesses only a 4 megapixel camera. However pixels in the latter are 300% larger than those in normal phones, and can take in more light than the other models, in addition to possessing internal and night imaging. The Lumia 920 model uses the Carl Zeiss international lens. There are insignificant differences in picture quality and camera features on the remaining models, but the LG Optimum, BlackBerry and Huawei models have been deemed the weakest.

Of all the phones, the Lumia 920 is the only one that operates on a Windows Phone 8 operating system, and comes equipped with the Office suite of products. The Huawei Ascend D2 model is considered the mid-range model, sold at a modest price. The Sony Experia Z model is, however, distinguished by its elegant shape, the fact that it is dust-proof and water-proof, and can be used as a remote control for Sony television sets. The BlackBerry model, on the other hand, is distinguished by its BBM SMS feature and security system, which makes it the top choice for companies and corporations.

The LG Optimus G Pro model also comes equipped with the Infrared system which can be synced up with household appliances and used to control them. The HTC One model is a favourite of music enthusiasts, distinguished by its front-side speakers, high quality sound and Beats Audio System. The Galaxy S4 also has most of these properties and is distinguished by its speed, in addition to its visual, voice and movement interaction, which makes it seem as if it is almost a part of the user. The latter model also comes with Infrared.

Competition between the different models is fierce, with many models possessing similar benefits and features. When making a decision, users will have to take this information into account and determine on their own which model best fits their needs.


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