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Bazaarful creates online souq

New online initiative wants to encourage Egyptian entrepreneurship and become a base for a successful future for Egyptian industry

The new initiative aims to bring together a large variety of local businesses (Photo from Bazaarful Facebook Page)
The new initiative aims to bring together a large variety of local businesses
(Photo from Bazaarful Facebook Page)

Cyberspace and the digital communication evolution are fuelling many new and creative marketing initiatives. Bazaarful is one of those new online projects that were launched from the popular social network site Facebook. Bazaarful aims to become the biggest virtual souq for local entrepreneurs, using modern techniques to market a variety of handmade accessories and objects.

While once it was enough to position a wooden table between two spot lights and featuring a sign with the word “Bazaar” on it on the side of any street with a lot of traffic, these days a fan page, group or blog is an easier and much more efficient way to market whatever it is you want to sell.

Bazaarful offers space for talented craftsmen and women and entrepreneurs to post their latest innovative products for prospective buyers through the internet.  They feature Egyptian-made products and offer young, talented dreamers a hand at standing out and impressing their audience.

The online market is launching its new website within a month from now. “We realised that Facebook is not the most convenient marketing and advertising medium, so consequently we decided to launch our own website, which will include special services and spaces for business owners,” Bazaarful founder Maqarbasha George said.

The founders researched their idea for two years, testing its usefulness and effectiveness. “We found that there are many entrepreneurs that offer unique services and beautiful products but are severely in need of promoting and marketing themselves. We thought of finalising their business cycle by offering a solid and respectable publication channel, in addition to many other beneficial services through our website,” George said.

The website is a collection of virtual online shops that can be rented by business owners. “Unlike other websites, we do not impose a certain percentage on any sales, only a set payment per month, more like rent,” George said.

Bazaarful is dedicated only to young projects that feature extraordinary services, Egyptian handmade objects and accessories. “We want to encourage Egyptian entrepreneurship and believe we are founding a base for a successful future of Egyptian industry. We are loyal to homemade production and fresh initiatives carried out by young people and our goal is to bring Egyptian products back to life,” the Bazaarful founder said.

Agreements are signed with respectable catering corporations to offer delivery services to all Bazaarful users, in addition to multiple agreements with a number of charity organisations, including the Nebny Foundation and Coptic Benevolent Society, offering them permanent free space to feature the handmade products that are made through these organisations.

In order to be true to the principles of fair trade and equal opportunities for all Bazaarful users, the founders refuse to offer any space to established businesses; they also will not include businesses that sell any non-Egyptian products.

Virtual marketing on the internet has become the quickest way to reach targeted customers and the team of Bazaarful intends to use this technique to the advantage of Egyptian domestic production and provide a marketing platform to young entrepreneurs.

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