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Judges Club holds press conference

Judges march from High Court building to Judges' Club; protest denounces judiciary amendments

Judges protesting at the High Court on Monday evening (Photo by Ahmed Al-Malky)
Judges protesting at the High Court on Monday evening
(Photo by Ahmed Al-Malky)

Ahmed Al-Zind, head of the Judges’ Club, has vowed that the judges are capable of breaking the will of all those who dare to challenge the judiciary.

Al-Zind’s statements came reflective of the judges’ stance towards the proposed judiciary amendments currently discussed by the Shura Council. Judges started an open-ended sit-in on Friday demanding that the upper house of parliament refrain from discussing the controversial amendments.

During a press conference held at the Judges’ Club Monday evening, Al-Zind stated that the judges would have supported the bill if it had offered any progress.

“Yet that’s not the case,” Al-Zind said. “Thus, the judges refuse [to support it] and aim to eliminate this bill.”

Al-Zind accused the authorities of being consumed with destroying the “temple of the judiciary”, adding that they are incapable of doing so.

The Judges’ Club head stated that the recent verdict by the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) deeming both the Shura Council and the Constituent Assembly which drafted the constitution unconstitutional comes as additional proof that the authorities are currently taking the wrong path on this issue.

The press conference followed a march by the judges from the High Court building to the Judges’ Club denouncing the proposed judiciary amendments. Hundreds had rallied outside the High Court building in solidarity with the judges.

The judges’ predicament started in April when the Shura Council’s Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Affairs approved three proposals for amendments to the Judiciary Law for discussion in plenary. In response, the Judges’ Club was quick to say that it would treat the proposed amendments as if they did not exist.


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