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Fashion designer aims for business success and being an inspiration

These rough sketches give a good idea of the funky, colourful designs by Nada Koreish  (Photo from nadasamineonpinkrevolution.wordpress.com)
These rough sketches give a good idea of the funky, colourful designs by Nada Koreish
(Photo from nadasamineonpinkrevolution.wordpress.com)

By Fatma Ibrahim

Egyptian fashion designer Nada Koreish, also going by the name Nada Sami, is all about being unique while delivering comfort and elegance. Koreish designs casual clothes like t-shirts, jeans, denims and cardigans and has her own line of bags and hats under the umbrella of her line Neon Pink Revolution. Her designs can be ordered and shipped around the world via her website.

“I had a passion for being unique and creating things with my stamp on it. Even when I was a teenager I was customising my clothes. I initially decided to go into fashion because I wanted to make a difference, now it is not just about the glamour and celebrity, it is more about how huge the fashion market is,” Koreish said. “I want to eventually start a number of ventures for women in Egypt, provide them with education and independence and to make Egypt as cultured as Paris and Milan in fashion circles.”

Koreish believes she was born in the “wrong era and place”.

“I belong to the 60s and 70s. I should be selling tie dye, gypsy and anti-war protest t-shirts. It was a time of freedom, music and expression and people were honest fun and appreciated talent.”

When asked about her sources of inspiration she said: “Egypt and its niches, nooks and crannies have been my biggest inspiration; its people and their tendencies, from rich to poor, to ghetto chic and from Khan El-Khalili to El-Dagaleen to the Bedouin. My husband inspires me too, he is from Algeria and his culture is extremely complex and intriguing with a bit of mystery.”

Koreish believes that comfort is more important to take into account that elegance, because “you simply have to feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing to look elegant.” That is why she uses natural, eco-friendly fabrics like Egyptian cotton and silk.

“I have considered adding a classic line, but it would have to be extremely edgy. My roots as a designer started in New York City, so I do have a darker side to my designs.” Nicki Minaj, Hend Sabry and Mona Zaki are among the stars Koreish would like to dress.

Koreish hopes to see “my entire collection in a major store like Topshop or Harrods, and to have my own boutiques in NYC, London and Cairo.” She also strives to “inspire hundreds of girls and women to live independently, with education and their own businesses.”

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