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Gabha Youth announce post 30 June plans

SCC president to take over, constitution to be stalled and a revolutionary commission to guide the regime

Al-Gabha Youth Organisation leaders discuss their plans for 30 June protests and beyond (Photo by Nouran El-Behairy)
Al-Gabha Youth Organisation leaders discuss their plans for 30 June protests and beyond
(Photo by Nouran El-Behairy)

Gabha Youth Organisation (GYO) announced on Tuesday the commencement of “independence week” on 25 June, set to include several events in preparation for 30 June protests against the government of President Mohamed Morsi.

Joseph Nesim, the organisation’s head, said that details concerning the routes of the marches and events leading up to 30 June will be announced shortly before their scheduled dates, in an effort to avoid counter-protests by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters.

“Tamarod is the main axis around which all opposition efforts revolve,” Nesim said, adding that removing President Morsi will be a challenge. “30 June is just the beginning. If we insist on protesting peacefully for 15 days, the regime will fall because it’s hollow and weak.”

Tamarod is a movement gathering signatures to voice opposition to President Morsi, and has acted as the primary organiser of the 30 June protests.

Nesim explained that GYO had agreed with several other parties that a presidential council ruling the country after Morsi’s removal was not in the country’s best interests.

“We agreed that the president of the Supreme Constitutional Court should take over temporarily,” he said, explaining that the current constitution would be frozen, and a constitutional document to protect rights and freedoms would be drafted. This would, in turn, form the basis for presidential elections.

He added that under this scenario, the National Defence Council would handle security, while a revolutionary commission would be formed from political parties’ representatives, intellectuals, and legal experts to ensure the regime “follows the revolutionary path”.

Official GYO spokesperson Ahmed Al-Meqdami meanwhile stated that there would be no chants against the military or figures of the former regime. “Our only chant will be ‘Down with the supreme guide,’” he said.

“We have always been peaceful, they have always been terrorists,” said Nesim, commenting on statements made by Assem Abdel Maged,Al- Jamaa Al-Islamiya member and founder of Tagarod movement, which was established to counter Tamarod. Abdel Maged had previously made statements seen as threatening the 30 June protesters.

In its statement, the GYO referred to the Muslim Brotherhood as “the occupation” and called on security officials, the military, and Salafi leaders to take a clear stance with or against opposition protests on 30 June. The statement also called for unity among political groups.

Nesim added, “The next revolution will be more successful than the previous one.”

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