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Nada Akram combines fashion and comfort

A young Egyptian fashion designer offers practical and sophisticated products

They way Nada Akram markets her designs is representative of her approach to fashion (Photo Courtesy of Nada Akram)
They way Nada Akram markets her designs is representative of her approach to fashion
(Photo Courtesy of Nada Akram)

While most fashion items these days are more flashy than comfortable, young designer Nada Akram decided to go another way. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in international business, Akram chose to make a stark career change and went for a diploma in fashion design from Career Gates, MSA University.

“I have always been interested in fashion design. When I was a little kid I used to make dresses for my dolls. You can call it a childhood passion,” Akram explained.

Her designs are colourful and hip yet practical, and although it might seem that they target a younger fan base, some of the designs, like the blazers and jackets, can be worn by women of all ages. Akram’s inspiration depends on her willingness to experiment: “I use different materials but mainly cotton and chiffon. I get materials from a lot of places because I love to explore.”

To launch her fashion career, Akram started her business online in 2011, using social media websites to reach her clients and promote her products. While currently a one-woman operation, the quality of the designs speaks to her dedication. Of her process, Akram says she first picks colours, then sketches a design, occasionally designing according to a fabric she sees in the market.

Akram knows that consistency is key, so she launches four collections every year, and occasionally some special edition collections. While she recently started to show her collections at Boho Gallery in Heliopolis, Akram admitted that she prefers conducting her business online. “I like to be in direct contact with my clients,” she said.

Recently her designs have made it to the small screen: “Some stars wear my designs in series and fashion shoots in order to look different and unique,” she said. “It makes me really happy to see my designs on screen and in magazines.” Some of the celebrities who have worn her designs include Dina El-Sherbini, Mai Selim and Angie Wegdan.

Her most famous products are the Soad Hosny t-shirt and the cologne 555. Akram hopes that eventually she can become an international fashion brand.

She is planning on launching a special limited edition collection to celebrate the second anniversary of her business.

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