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Ahrar demands purge of state institutions, ‘revolutionary trials’ - Daily News Egypt

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Ahrar demands purge of state institutions, ‘revolutionary trials’

Third Square movement opposes Muslim Brotherhood, military and former regime

The Ahrar movement has called for purges of the army, police, media, judiciary and Al-Azhar to complete the goals of the 25 January revolution.

The movement has framed itself as against the Muslim Brotherhood, military and remnants of former president Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

In a plan published on its Facebook page on Monday, the group demanded the dismissal and prosecution of the remaining members of Mubarak’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), as well as the dismissal of field commanders and the instatement of new leaders from within the army. Ahrar opposes any political role for the military institution.

It called for the dissolution of the state security apparatus, which was renamed Homeland Security after the revolution. The group said the intelligence agency also must be “purged by removing its leaders who were appointed during the Mubarak era as well as post 25 January” 2011. It also called for the dismissal of all current interior ministry leaders and the promotion of others in the ministry who have committed no crimes. Likewise it demanded the dismissal of all police officers above the rank of major-general, with promotion through the ranks to replace them.

The group demanded the dismissal of all editors-in-chief and state television supervisors. The plan also envisaged media regulation and a “code of ethics”, which would exclude media personalities who have “divided the people, broadcast strife-inducing speeches, or distorted the revolution and the revolutionaries.”

It also requested the replacement of Al-Azhar leaders, including the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, the Grand Mufti, the previous mufti and administration officials. Al-Azhar should be independent from the government, and administer the Ministry Of Endowments and Dar Al-Ifta with official oversight, the group said.

The group demanded the release of all political prisoners and widespread judicial reforms including the dismissal of all judges appointed since the Mubarak era. Such reform would include closing state security courts, ending military trials for civilians, total judicial independence, a retirement age of 60 for judges and the hiring of qualified law graduates.

It envisaged a permanent committee of judges, respected Al-Azhar scholars, and experts of various specialties to revise the law. A transitional justice authority made up of “respected” judges would hold “revolutionary trials” for those accused of corruption or the killing of protesters.

Ahrar also demanded enforcement of minimum and maximum wage legislation.

The plan would be promoted through popular councils coordinating protests.

Their vision was open for debate, the group said.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified Ahrar as also being called the Third Square.


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