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New wave of violence erupts during Eid El Fitr

Clashes erupt in several governorates in Egypt between ousted president Morsi's supporters and their opponents

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi (foreground) clash with opponents to ousted president Morsi (background) in Cairo on July 27, 2013.  (AFP Photo)
Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted president Morsi (foreground) clash with their opponents  (background) in Cairo on July 27, 2013.
(AFP Photo)

Clashes between pro-Morsi, anti-Morsi and police forces erupted in Al Fayoum, Al Sharqiya and Al Gharbiya, on the second day of Eid El Fitr, Friday.

ONA news agency reported clashes in Fayoum on Friday, between Pro-Morsi demonstrators and police forces.

Pro-Morsi demonstrators marched from Al Moallemeen mosque to Fayoum’s security directorate, on what they called “Bringing down the Coup” Friday, where they threw rocks, fired birdshot and attempted to break into the directorate’s building, according to ONA.

Police forces responded with teargas and birdshot. Al Jazeera reported that 28 people were injured, including a policeman.

Sayed Ali offered a different perspective from the operations room of the Fayoum Governorate, saying that the clashes were not near the directorate’s building and that police forces were not present.

Mohamed Gaber, of the Freedom and Justice Party in Fayoum, said that police forces assaulted the peaceful march when it passed near the directorate, broke into Al Moallemeen mosque and arrested the mosque’s imam.

State-owned MENA news agency reported tens of injuries in various areas of the Al Sharqiya governorate.

In Mansheyet Abu Omar village, a pro-Morsi march stopped in front of the village’s police station, chanting slogans against the police and army. Anti-Morsi supporters attacked the march, causing a number of injuries.

In Jazeeret Sauod village, clashes began when anti-Morsi supporters played a song supporting the army, which led to stone-throwing.

In Awlad Saqr city, clashes began when a pro-Morsi march toured the city, leading to clashes between them and anti-Morsi supporters.

State owned Al Ahram reported that clashes erupted in Basyoon city in Al Gharbiya governorate on Friday, leading to four injuries.

Clashes began when pro-Morsi demonstrators threw rocks at the city’s people, who they tried to stop them from chanting against General Abdel Fatah El Sisi when they approached a military area on the road to Tanta, the governorate’s capital.

Security forces arrived after “hit and run” clashes between citizens, arresting 13 of the pro-Morsi demonstrators.

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