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Parties react to Sinai explosions

Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi vows full support for armed forces' operations in Sinai

Egypt Military destroys one of the smaller Sinai-Gaza tunnels (Photo by Ahmed AlMalky/DNE)
Egypt Military destroys one of the smaller Sinai-Gaza tunnels (Photo by Ahmed AlMalky/DNE)

Interim prime minister Hazem El-Beblawi reiterated his government’s full support to the armed forces in its “fight against terrorism” in a statement on Sunday.

Securing Sinai would pave the way for the region’s development, according to the prime minister.

El-Beblawi also commended Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi and Egyptians who have helped “cleanse Sinai of terrorists.”

Al-Dostour Party declared its “full support for the armed forces,” in a statement in what it called “their serious pursuit towards the extension of the rule of the Egyptian state over each grain of sand in Sinai.”

“Al-Dostour Party continues to deeply worry about terrorist movements and attacks carried out by armed terrorist groups against the Egyptian people and individuals and buildings of military and security institutions,” said the party’s statement, which also condemned “irony” and “sarcasm” against the military.

Al-Dostour Party called on the media to create an atmosphere of transparency to convey the reality of action in Sinai.

Secretary-general of Salafi Al-Nour Party Galal Morra expressed a more cautious outlook on the twin explosions that killed four men near the Israeli border on Friday.

Morra warned that if more groups entered the ongoing conflict in Sinai, it would inflame the situation and send Egypt into a “dark tunnel” according to MENA.

The senior member of the party called on the government to open dialogue with the people of Sinai in order to compose a “complete vision” to overcome the current security crisis in the volatile peninsula.

He also warned against using repressive means against Sinai residents, saying it would result in a situation that would not be favourable to anyone.

Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party Essam Al-Erian called the reported involvement of Israel “dangerous” asking “has the combat doctrine of the Egyptian army changed?”

The “committee on foreign affairs and national security” of the Islamist-dominated dissolved Shura Council heeded reports that Israel was involved in the Friday strike, stressing that the “Zionist enemy is the strategic enemy of Egypt” and accused the armed forces of lying about the nature of the attack.

The committee also reiterated that Sinai and its people required attention in terms of political, economic, social and security support.

The members of the dissolved legislative body also called on the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency session to discuss the “infringement on Egyptian sovereignty” as soon as possible.

Two explosions in Sinai on Friday killed at least four. Despite some media reports that Israel was responsible for the strike that occurred five kilometres into Sinai, the Egyptian armed forces denied the former’s involvement.

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