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‘We Can’ campaign calls for review of Camp David accords

Campaign has collected more than 3000 signatures to reject ‘US interference’ in Egypt

‘We Can’ campaign calls for review of Camp David accords
‘We Can’ campaign calls for review of Camp David accords

A campaign lead by the 6 April Democratic Front is calling for a review of the Camp David accords in order to limit the United States’ influence in Egypt’s internal affairs through aid programmes.

“It is designed for us to be free from the US,” said Mohammed Youssef, a spokesman for the front. “It is time to say no to America and tell them not to be involved in Egypt’s internal affairs.”

The campaign, entitled ‘Qaderoun’, or ‘We Can’, aims to reject the acceptance of US aid to Egypt, but not necessarily annul the peace agreement with Israel, which resulted from the signing of the accords by President Anwar Sadat in 1978. Youssef asserted that relations with Israel may or may not be effected, but the main goal was to reduce US influence inside Egypt.

The campaign has made some ground since it began on Wednesday, said Youssef, who claimed over 3000 signatures have been collected. He added, “We haven’t started campaigning in the streets yet.”

The US is currently reviewing its aid programmes to Egypt due to the political crisis in the country. Egypt receives nearly $1.3 billion of military aid each year, and $250 million in economic support to non-military governmental and nongovernmental organisations.

Tamarod, the group that mobilised the mass 30 June protests that lead to the armed forces ousting president Mohamed Morsi joined a similar campaign recently called ‘Emna’ Maouna’ or ‘Ban the Aid’, which calls for the complete cancellation of the Camp David accords.

The accords gave Egypt sovereignty of the Sinai Peninsula, which the Israelis had controlled after the 1967 war.

Qaderoun has set up an online form for people to join the campaign and will soon take to the streets to raise awareness of the campaign, said Youssef.

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