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CIC’s Photo School applications are now open

CIC offers an extensive curriculum for its Fall 2013 PhotoSchool

CIC offers a wide variety of courses aimed at helping amateur photographers gain more experience (Photo from CIC Facebook Page)
CIC offers a wide variety of courses aimed at helping amateur photographers gain more experience
(Photo from CIC Facebook Page)

The Contemporary Image Collective is inviting participants to apply for fall enrolment in its Photo School, where photography enthusiasts can join courses to enrich their portfolios and practical experience.

The General Introductory to Photography Curriculum deals with the fundamentals of photography, requiring students to take two mandatory courses: Foundations of Photography and Photographic Practice.

The first course deals with digital SLR photography. According to the CIC website, it gives beginners  an “understanding of how the camera and the equipment work, exposure, shutter speed and aperture, automatic and manual control, light sources, flash, depth of field, principles of composition and the basic techniques of editing using Photoshop.”

The website also stated that the second course deals with the creative aspect of photography and how to employ the elements that were learned in the first course to get the desired images: “Through examples, discussions and exercises, participants learn how to handle challenging shooting situations and how to gain confidence in their vision. At the same time, the course emphasizes photography as a medium of expression.”

The website added: “Students enrolled in the General Curriculum receive free one-day training on analogue photography and film-scanning inside the digital lab.” The course costs EGP 3000, and starts on 20 October 2013.

Another course offered is Photo Essay, which deals with the use of photos in storytelling and narration. The instructor, Laura El-Tantawy, advises participants to prepare some kind of narrative before enrolling in the course. This will help them be more productive and goal-oriented during their studies. The website indicated that “during the sessions, students will discuss the basics of storytelling with images, different forms of narrative and sequencing of images. Please be prepared for an intense but informative time.” There will also be editing sessions during the length of the course, where students will be able to work on their own photos, guided by the instructor. The course costs EGP 950.

There is also a course concerned with image development, called Darkroom Techniques. The course can be taken on a one-on-one basis or in groups of two. It is taught by Mohamed ElMaymony. “It explores analogue photography and covers all aspects of black and white darkroom techniques from film processing to printing, enlarging and toning,” according to the website. The course will be given over a course of five meetings. It costs EGP 1200 for one-on-one meetings or EGP 800 if in a group.

Other courses include The Photograph as an Artwork, which starts on 13 November 2013 and costs EGP 950, Lighting Studio, which starts on 27 November 2013 and costs EGP 1050, and Fashion Photography, which starts on 2 January 2014 and costs EGP 950.

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