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Counter-Revolution movements target universities: RevSoc

Revolutionary socialists condemn clashes in Alexandria University

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RevSoc called on “revolutionaries to rally in a project targeting the masses to cleanse universities of representatives of the counter-revolution.”

The Revolutionary Socialist movement said on Thursday that counter-revolution groups are playing a role in university violence between students to allow the “reappearance of the police security grip on educational institutions.”

In a statement commenting on Wednesday’s university violence in Alexandria, which led to “tens of causalities”, RevSoc called on “revolutionaries to rally in a project targeting the masses to cleanse  universities of representatives of the counter-revolution.”

The revolutionary socialists further added that “university security chose not to intervene” between Morsi supporters, who were protesting “against the coup” and the pro-military camp, who were demonstrating against the suspension of the educational year.

According to students against the coup: “Anti-military chants from another pro-Morsi demonstration created tension that led to clashes…tens of students were injured.”

The revolutionary socialists also said: “We refuse and condemn acts of violence that occurred yesterday and declare that we will struggle against all attempts to retrieve police internal guards or application of deputisation.”

According to Al-Arabiya, Dr. Ashraf Farrag, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Alexandria University, said: “The violent clashes between the students instigated  the detention of students inside lecture halls for fear of injury from the clashes… and the clashes erupted at the College of Arts square and then moved to the Faculty of Commerce.”

Farrag added: “University security secured college students but a call of distress to Central Security Forces was made to disperse the clashes.”

Mostafa Al Sayed, Coordinator for Tolab Soot Al-Midan and a protester present during Wednesday’s clashes, said that what happened could only be blamed on the university security officers, whose carelessness only show their aspiration for the return of the Ministry of Interior within the university.

Sayed added: “I believe that everyone has the right to voice their belief and protest within campus, but it is the role of university security to stop harassment from disagreeing parties; the Alexandria University security officers are not well trained and have allowed weapons on campus.”

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