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MOI vows to 'foil all attempts at creating chaos' during Morsi trial - Daily News Egypt

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MOI vows to ‘foil all attempts at creating chaos’ during Morsi trial

Muslim Brotherhood supporters will demonstrate until the trial of ousted president Morsi

 A supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and of ousted President Mohammed Morsi holds up a poster of morsi and thee four finger salute, the symbol known as "Rabaa", which means four in Arabic, remembering those killed in the crackdown on the Rabaa al-Adawiya protest camp in Cairo earlier in the year, as he and others rally outside the Presidential Palace protected on November 1, 2013 in Cairo.  (AFP PHOTO/GIANLUIGI GUERCIA)
A supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and of ousted President Mohammed Morsi holds up a poster of Morsi and thee four finger salute, the symbol known as “Rabaa” outside the Presidential Palace protected on Friday

The Ministry of Interior announced Saturday that they will use all means possible to prevent “chaos” that might stem from the protests announced by pro-Morsi supporters.

Supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi started demonstrations Friday and will attempt to continue until Monday in “different areas around Egypt” according to a statement issued by the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy (NCSL) on Thursday.

Demonstrators held a rally in front of the High Court on Sunday to protest the trial of Morsi. The protests are dubbed the “Trial of Popular Will” and according to the coalition, will continue until the set date for Morsi’s trial.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Interior, it warned against “any attempts that might affect vital institutions, infringe security forces or disable public utilities,” adding “That the forces will act in decisiveness and firmness towards those attempts.”

The ministry will apply “all methods and procedures, in respect to the law, when dealing with demonstrations,” while “Different ministry sectors and geographical departments will take all measures to ensure the protection of public facilities.”

The statement stressed: “Under legal procedures and according to guidelines for legitimate self defense of property and lives, the police will be providing full protection to deter any attacks.”

“The Trial of Popular Will” protests led to clashes in Alexandria, Saturday, between pro-Morsi demonstrators and residents, leading to the arrest of 45 protestors. In Cairo, a pro-Morsi march on Mostafa Al-Nahas Street in Nasr City witnessed a brawl between street residents and marchers in response to the march’s blockage of the street and their chants against the army and police.

 6 April – the Democratic Front- released a statement condemning the arrest of females at the Alexandria protest, comparing it to the “religious authority attacking females at the Presidential Palace,” referring to the events dating back to 5 December.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters from Al-Azhar University have been holding protests since the beginning of the school year, demonstrating the death and detainment of fellow students since the dispersal of sit-ins at Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda squares. The students clashed with police forces on Wednesday, which led Egypt’s Public Prosecutor to authorise police forces to enter the Al-Azhar University campus.

Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi said in a press conference on Thursday that university presidents will have the right to request the entry of police forces into campus in case of “threats to individuals, entities and students”.

According to Al-Ahram, Minister of Higher Education Hossam Eissa denied media reports claiming he would resign if the police start guarding universities, saying in a press conference Saturday that he “agrees with the presence of police forces outside universities.”

“The police do not need a warrant to enter the university if crimes are occurring within,” Eissa added.

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