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Activist arrested and detained for distributing flyers

Ayman Maher was arrested by State Security on Thursday in Abdeen and is being detained in an undisclosed location

The statement distributed by the group called for protests on Tuesday 19 November on Mohamed Mahmoud Street
The statement distributed by the group called for protests on Tuesday 19 November on Mohamed Mahmoud Street

Three members of the Revolutionary Front were arrested on Thursday while distributing flyers, according to the group.

The activists were arrested on Mohamed Mahmoud Street in the downtown Cairo district of Abdeen while handing out statements from the Front about the upcoming second anniversary of clashes that took place on that street.

One of those arrested, Ayman Maher, who is also a member of Misr Al-Qawia Party, was taken to an unknown location following his arrest and transferal to Qasr Al-Nil police station, according to Revolutionary Front spokesman Mohamed Elbaker, who added that personnel at the station denied his presence when asked about him. However, when a lawyer arrived to the station, police said he was present and would be released in approximately one hour. Then, according to the spokesman in a statement on Facebook, State Security took Maher, after which the Deputy Commissioner of Qasr Al-Nil denied that the activist was ever present at the station and denied knowledge of his whereabouts, adding that State Security was detaining him.

The statement distributed by the group called for protests on Tuesday 19 November on Mohamed Mahmoud Street to commemorate those who died two years before and to call for justice for their deaths.

The front posed four demands in its statement, including retribution for those who had died, without which it considered it “impossible for the demands of the revolution be realised.”

The group also called for the purging of the Ministry of Interior of “killers and the corrupt” to “ensure the end of their crimes.” Thirdly, the Front called for the trials of past and current leadership of the interior ministry, including current minister Mohamed Ibrahim, for killing protesters. The group also demanded the supervision and inspection of all prisons and places of detention, “because until today, torture and indignities continue.”

The Revolutionary Front was officially founded in September, aiming to “recover the revolution [and] put a stop to the counterrevolution by resisting the suppressive military authority and the violent, sectarian Muslim Brotherhood.”

The front’s leadership includes activists and public figures known for their criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s military and police leadership.

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