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Social networking websites have over 2 billion registered users: Y2D

Domination of social networking sites illustrated in Y2D report

Usage of social networking websites shows no signs of slowing down, with around 40% of a total 7 billion people worldwide registered on them, a report published by Yes 2 Digital (Y2D) Company on January illustrated.

The report stated that there are 618 million active users on Facebook, out of a total 1 billion registered. Around 23% of users access the social networking website more than five times a day. Another interesting statistic is that one of every seven minutes a user spends on the internet is spent on Facebook.

Egypt is ranked first among the Arab region countries with 16 million users. The country placed 17th worldwide in terms of audience size.

Basing its research on a single Wednesday, Y2D indicated that the users normally access Facebook between 9am and 7pm with the peak timing of access being 3pm. These users normally make 2.7 billion likes per day.

The report also discussed Twitter, a micro-blogging social networking website, saying that 554 million users have Twitter accounts but only 1.7% of those are active, or around 9.6 million users. Active users make around 400 million tweet per day.

Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Bieber is the most followed individual on the website with around 74 new followers each day.

Linkedin, a networking website that allows for professional networking and job hunting, has around 225 million users, with 78.8 million of them actively using the website with 172,800 are newly registering every day. The Y2D report added 15.4 million search operations are made daily.

The research also mentioned that around 1,370 company pages for are launched daily.

Pinning social networking website Pinterest has 25 million users and receives 333,333 visits daily. Meanwhile, more than 13 million users are registered on video sharing website Vine and around 432,000 videos are shared daily.

Instagram, a photo and video sharing website owned by Facebook, has 130 million users and over 86,000 new registries every day. The report said 45 million pictures are uploaded and 1 billion likes are made daily.

Youtube receives around 33 million visits per day with around 200 million hours of videos are watched. The research mentioned that 144,000 hours of videos are uploaded daily.

The technology research showed that blogging website Tumblr has 108 million active users who make 80 million posts each day. Tumblr is visited around 973,333 times per day.

Google+ has around 500 million users, with only 11.9 million users active.

Google’s top search report Zeitgeist recently showed that in Egypt former Egyptian president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak was the most-searched political figure in 2013. Ousted president Mohamed Morsi ranked second, while current Minister of Defence Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi ranked third.

“This year’s trending searches for queries and people show growing interest in politics as the country underwent several major changes over the past three years starting on 25 January 2011 and culminating with the 30 June protests earlier this year which brought about another regime change,” an official statement issued by Google read.

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