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Interior Ministry arrests 52 ‘terrorists’ for targeting infrastructure

Among the accusations are monitoring the movements of police officers and possessing large sums of money

The Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday the arrest of eight “terrorist” cells involving 52 people in possession of weapons, high explosive materials and large sums of money.

This comes as a part of the ministry’s efforts to thwart the Muslim Brotherhood “terrorist organisation’s” plans targeting the infrastructure of Egypt. This includes the targeting of electricity stations and lines, railways, public transportation and water, and through the planting of IEDs at gatherings, said ministry of interior spokesperson Hany Abdel Latif.

“This group [the Muslim Brotherhood] was built on the principles of building and development, it does not cause destruction”, said Hoda Abdel Moneim, member of the former Morsi appointed NCHR and spokesperson for the revolutionary coalition for Egyptian women. Abdel Moneim added that the accusations are fabricated to convince people that they are terrorists.

The defendants were arrested from Giza, Minya, Daqahleya, Alexandria, Fayoum, and Sharqeya governorates.

In Giza, four people were arrested setting a train alight in Ramses Railway Station, sabotaging several high-pressure electricity towers and mobile network towers, and starting fires in car garages in Al-Warraq.

One of the cells was arrested in Minya, accused of exploding IEDs near Minya police station in front of a church and planting another near the security directorate. The cell is claimed to have used three apartments as warehouses for hiding and manufacturing the explosive material.

Another cell was arrested in Daqahleya accused of attacking security forces while “dealing with” Muslim Brotherhood riots, and ruining public and private properties. They were also accused of: damaging and burning eight power transformers in Mansoura; blocking the ring road; monitoring the movements of five police officers; and possessing large sums of money and Molotov cocktails.

In Alexandria, two people were arrested with the Interior Ministry saying the defendants confessed to creating IEDs in Sidi Gaber and Masr Railway Stations; downing an electric; burning Al-Ahram agency vehicles; and setting alight transformers near the university dorms.

Security forces also arrested five Muslim Brotherhood members in Alexandria during a meeting involving plans among students to disrupt the academic process and spread chaos.

Another Muslim Brotherhood cell was arrested in Sharqeya, the Ministry said, from which two members confessed to the bombing of a natural gas distribution room in Al-Haysamya village, lighting fires at a railway station, throwing incendiary devices at police compound and garage,  blocking main roads, and clashing with the security forces.

Abdel Latif said that police forces were able to abort activities by a group of 12 students, professors, and activists in Zagazig belonging to the Brotherhood. The group has been charged with targeting security personnel, members of parliament, the dean of Zagazig University, and students opposing their ideas.

Investigations said the group were stationed in a rented apartment and possessed high amounts of materials for explosives, fireworks, anti government flyers.

The Ministry of Interior has been targeting “terrorist” and Muslim Brotherhood members since the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

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