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Parties welcome court decision postponing elections

Parliamentary elections were set to take place this month, with parties now urging government for quick amendments

Some political parties who were expected to compete in the elections welcomed the elections’ postponement, while urging the government to amend the law.

The Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruled the Electoral Districts Law unconstitutional earlier Sunday, resulting in the postponement of parliamentary elections until the questioned law is amended.

Al-Nour Party spokesperson Nader Bakar said the party respects the rulings of the court, but they are criticising whoever put the country in such troubles. Bakar added that the party has been questioning the legality of the laws.

Yahia Qadry, vice president of the National Movement Party, said the party will continue its mobilisation. He added that the verdict shows the state respects the rule of law, and this will be “a proof of the return of the state of law and the application of the constitution”.

Qadry denied the elections’ postponement will have a negative effect on the upcoming economic summit which Egypt will host this month. He also added that he does not fear that a “constitutional crisis” will affect the flow on investment to Egypt.

Shehab Waguih, spokesperson for the Free Egyptians Party told Daily News Egypt that the party has no objections regarding court decisions. “We are ready whenever they are,” Waguih said, adding that he does not expect changes in the parties’ strategy or candidates for the elections. “I doubt that electoral coalitions will see major differences during this waiting period,” Waguih concluded.

Tayyar Al-Istiqlal welcomed the verdict, and demanded the government amend the law and “not allow further postponement to the elections”, to “continue the final pillar of the road map”.

The head of the alliance, Ahmed El-Fadaly, said the government should find the mistakes in the law and amend it.

Nagy El-Shehaby, who leads Al-Geel Democratic Party, had speculated the turn of events as he believes that the Egyptian executive authority still wants to control the legislation. “The constitutional court’s conclusion is plausible and a positive step,” El-Shehaby told Daily News Egypt.

However, he said the court disregarded other constitutional defects in the parliamentary law, suggesting there could be another postponement of the elections due to missing legal amendments to the current law.

He said: “If an updated law is passed with other defects, many will file appeals again including myself and we will return to point zero.”

El-Shehaby said that he expects some electoral coalitions to reconsider their structure and the political scene to witness changes.

Additional reporting by Aimra El-Fekki

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