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New poll finds Egyptians generally unsupportive of military action in Yemen - Daily News Egypt

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New poll finds Egyptians generally unsupportive of military action in Yemen

21% of those supporting airstrikes against Houthis say it is part of Egypt’s war on terror

Photo Vourtesy of Baseera
Photo Vourtesy of Baseera

Egyptian public opinion is divided over participation in the military campaign in Yemen, according to a new poll published Monday by the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera).

Polled on the possibility of a boots on the ground military campaign, the sample of 2016 Egyptians indicated that the public is against such a move. 43% of people disapprove and 34% are undecided, while only 23% are supportive of the possibility.

Whilst 42% of Egyptians agree to participation in aerial strikes against Houthi targets, 35% are undecided and 23% disapprove. Those in support are more likely to be male and have a university education, but the percentage of those who disapprove appears to be unrelated to education level.

Of those in favour of participating in the Saudi-led airstrikes against Houthi targets, 24% said it was because they believe Houthi control of Yemen is a threat to Egyptian national security, 21% said that confronting the Houthis is part of Egypt’s war on terror, 9% said that the strikes were necessary to provide security to all Arabs, 8% said that the Houthis were a threat to Egypt, and 8% said that the strikes were necessary to protect the Bab El-Mandeb strait.

Among those in opposition to airstrikes on Houthis in Yemen, 26% said that they were against Egypt getting involved in a war as this may jeopardise its stability, 22% voiced concern over the safety of the Egyptian army and troops, 11% stated that this was not a good time for Egypt to go to war, and 9% said that each country should handle its own internal affairs and that Egypt should refrain from interfering in other countries.

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