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We are on the right track despite challenges: Al-Sisi

The President tackled a broad range of topics including terrorism, corruption, media and relations with neighbouring countries

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi gave a speech Tuesday evening addressing the nation, stressing that the country is “moving forward” and is “on the right track despite the challenges”.

Al-Sisi discussed corruption, terrorism and problems occurring in the administrative authority of Egypt. He also tackled regional issues and relations with African countries.

The President initiated the speech by thanking the Egyptian labour force for their efforts as well as EgyptAir pilots for taking back their resignation.

The 224 EgyptAir pilots had handed in their resignations on 6 May, but took them back after hearing Al-Sisi’s speech at the Military Academy.

Furthermore, Al-Sisi addressed the topic of corruption noting that eliminating the negative phenomenon will take time. Egypt is countering corruption through security and judicial procedures, he noted.

On the topic of terrorism, Al-Sisi stated that countering terrorism is important for achieving security and stability which are integral for development. He added that all state authorities are working simultaneously to counter terrorism.

The President noted that 600 terrorists were arrested during the past month only and that the arrests were taken within the framework of the law, despite “some demands that call on the state to be more violent within this framework”.

Six or seven cases of explosives detonated while being manufactured and 62 defendants only were arrested in possession of 122 explosive devices within one month, Al-Sisi noted.

Within the previous month, 150 terrorist hideouts were destroyed in North Sinai, he further added.

“The war we are involved in North Sinai, doesn’t involve army personnel and policemen only, but also includes Sinai residents with their endurance… We were able to decrease the number of tunnels along the borders with the Gaza Strip by, not less than, 80% or 90%,” Al-Sisi said.

He further noted that 1km of the 5km buffer zone being implemented in North Sinai is now completely evacuated with all the tunnels destroyed.


North Sinai residents had announced in a conference on Sunday their supportive stance with the army and the Egyptian State against armed militants in the region.

The President said that studies were conducted recently to implement development projects in North Sinai. He noted that fighting poverty, illiteracy and renewing the religious discourse are integral for countering terrorism.

Regarding the religious discourse, Al-Sisi noted that the efforts exerted so far by religious institutions “are not enough to face the current challenges”.

Addressing the problems of the state’s administrative authority is complicated and its development will take time, Al-Sisi said, noting that, although 6.5 million citizens are working in the government sector, its performance “is not satisfactory”.

The Egyptian President highlighted the challenges facing the region, which are affecting Egypt’s national security. He stressed that Egypt’s national security is part of Arabs national security.

The National Defence Council is resolved at extending the period of naval and air force participation in Yemen, he added.

Pertaining to Africa, Egypt is restoring its position in the African continent through developing the relations between several African countries. Egypt will take part in the African Summit in June, Al-Sisi announced.

Moreover, Al-Sisi stressed the achievements made so far during the past 10 months, notably in regards to the Suez Canal with the upcoming inauguration of the new axis on 6 August.

Al-Sisi further highlighted a range of projects for the youths in the field of industry and agriculture.

In conclusion, Al-Sisi stressed that media outlets in the country are “not directed by the presidency as claimed by some people”.

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