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More protests worldwide denounce Morsi’s death sentence

11 police officers injured in Turkey in clashes with protesters

An Egyptian court ruling that sentenced ousted president Mohammed Morsi and 105 other to death. (DNE Photo)
An Egyptian court ruling that sentenced ousted president Mohammed Morsi and 105 other to death.
(DNE Photo)

Eleven police officers were injured in Diyarbakır, southeastern Turkey, during a pro-Morsi protest on Friday, the local governor’s office said in a statement.

Islamist demonstrators took to the streets protesting an Egyptian court ruling that sentenced ousted president Mohammed Morsi and 105 other to death. Protesters included members of the Kurdish Islamist party, the Free Cause Party, and representatives from several associations. When the group attempted to march to Şeyh Said Square, police used water canons and tear gas to prevent them. The protesters responded by throwing stones, prompting clashes, the statement read.

Protesters and many passers-by were affected by the tear gas, local Turkish news agency Doğan reported.

Doaa El-Şirif, a Turkish citizen told Daily News Egypt: “It is very unlikely that the police would clash with protesters, since the Turkish government already supports the protesters sentiments and what they are calling for, additionally they denounce the detentions, verdicts and killings”.

“I believe what is going in Egypt is oppression, and if they executed Morsi, Egypt will be drawn into a civil war and chaos,” she added.

The recent verdict against Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders sparked angry reactions worldwide, denouncing the first death sentence of its kind against a civilian and elected president.

In Germany, a few Egyptian demonstrators rallied in front of the Bundestag, holding Rabaa signs and pictures of Morsi on Friday. They also chanted against Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s forthcoming visit to Germany.

In New York, nearly 100 Egyptians rallied in front of the Egyptian Consulate General wearing red jumpsuits, and chanting against Al-Sisi. They were holding signs of “Free Egypt”, “denounce the bloody military coup!”, protesting against what they called a “flawed trial” against Morsi and the other Muslim Brotherhood members.

In Sudan, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of the capital Khartoum after the Friday prayer. Secretary General of the pro-government Islamic Movement (IM) Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan, along with the leader of the opposition Just Peace Forum (JPF) Al-Tayeb Mustafa, led the protest. They warned, “Egypt would witness a strong internal strife if Morsi was executed.”

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