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In Pictures: From anger to tears of happiness

The rollercoaster of emotions surrounding Mohamed Morsi’s ouster


The day people went down into the streets for the second time, this time asking for the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime, has been carved into Egypt’s history forever. The date, 30 June 2013, was the day people went shouting “The people want to fell the regime”, not caring if their shouts might cost them their lives, and determined not to go back home without their demands achieved.

The mixture of anger, courage, fear, hope and dedication were some of the feelings millions of protestors had while filling the streets of Egypt.

The date was the first anniversary of former president Mohamed Morsi’s inauguration as president. As the year of his presidency progressed, people started to feel that the mistakes made by Morsi and his government meant they were no longer fit to rule.

The draft constitution that gave him sweeping unlimited powers over the state’s judicial system was the straw that broke the camel’s back, causing people to demonstrate against the Muslim Brotherhood’s ruling.

Unlike the 25 January Revolution, people of all ages and social classes came out to take part in the protests. People with many differences for once agreed over the same thing, which was to demand the fall of Morsi.

At the marches, no one could miss seeing the anger in people’s voices that soon turned to happiness and whistles the moment Al-Sisi announced Morsi’s ouster.

Fireworks filled the sky with colours adding laughter to the tears of happiness. Loud cheers with people screaming “We did it again!” was all what anyone could hear after the announcement.

The optimistic spirit was so widespread that they started giving each other hugs and chocolates, believing that this is a start of a new era, with no injustice and no more innocents’ blood shuddered.

Two years later, one is left to wonder if these people still rejoice with the hope they once felt.

All photos taken by Amany Kamal


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