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A week of unofficial black ribbons

Various accidents took place across Egypt over the past week which led to dozens of deaths

The toll rose to 25 dead and 26 injured in a wood factory fire in the Qaliubiya governorate on Tuesday.  The blaze is among a string of other incidents that occurred over the past week, leaving dozens dead across Egypt. 

Families of the victims angry at government, after 38 people drowned in a boat collision in the Nile on 22 July 2015.
Families of the victims angry at government, after 38 people drowned in a boat collision in the Nile on 22 July 2015.

The incidents were the result of mistakes that could have been avoided but led to a high number of deaths and injuries. Unlike other mass death incidents from security turbulences, the state did not issue a new decree to eliminate the occurrence of such avoidable accidents, nor did it call for a three-day mourning period in a show of solidarity with the deceased.

Factory fire:

Number of casualties: At least 25 workers dead and 26 injured. Not all of the casualties were identified. Fifteen of the injured left hospital after receiving the required treatment. The injuries were suffocation, cuts, and minor burning, according to a health ministry official in Qaliubiya.

Compensation: EGP 5,000 from the governor’s office for families of the dead, in addition to other compensations from urban community authorities and the factory’s owner.

Reason: Gas cylinder explosion.

Official responses: Mohamed Lasheen, health minister’s deputy in Qaliubiya said: “There should be comprehensive medical treatment for the injuries and accountability for the officials who were behind this accident.”

Beni Suef poison:

Number of casualties:  Four infants dead among 27 poisoned. Seven cases were reported in Al-Wasty Central Hospital, 12 in Beba Hospital and eight in Ehnasia Central Hospital. They suffered from diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and stomach pain. They were transferred to Beni Suef Public Hospital.

Compensation: EGP 30,000 for the families of the dead.

Reason: They were administered doses of intravenous rehydration solution in Beni Suef hospitals.

Official responses: The Beni Suef governor Mohamed Selim visited the families of the casualties in their homes and ordered investigations in the case and said “he will not overlook anything related to the citizen’s health”.

Road accidents:

Number of casualties: A total of five dead and 28 injured, including 10 children, in two different road accidents, which took place on Monday, on the Oasis road, and the Minya road.

Compensation: No compensations were given.

Reason: A microbus heading to Oasis was flipped over, while a microbus heading to Minya was hit by a truck.

Official responses: A police report was filed on the incident, the injured were transferred to hospitals for treatment and the accident remnants were removed in order not to block the road.

Warraq boat:

Number of casualties: 38 dead and 15 injured so far. Corpses are being pulled out from water. 

Compensation: EGP 60,000 for families of the dead.

Reason: The boat collided with a barge in Warraq island in Giza.

Official responses: Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb banned the movement of barges until further notice. Both the boat driver and barge driver were arrested pending investigations.

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