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12% decline in cargo transiting in Suez Canal last week

316 passed through the canal with total cargo of 18.3m tonnes

By Mohamed Ahmed

A total of 316 transited through the Suez Canal from 2 to 8 October, with total cargo of 18.32m tonnes, marking a decline of 12.3% compared to the week before, according to Suez Canal traffic data.

The number of ships that transited the canal since the beginning of the year until 8 October amounted 13,649 ships, with a daily average of 54 ships.

The average number of ships transiting the canal was 45 per day during last week, with an average cargo of 2.62m tonnes per day, compared to the daily average of 52 ships with cargo of 3m tonnes the week before.

The average cargo per ship amounted to 57,800 tonnes last week, compared to 57,300 tonnes the previous week.

The largest cargo on a ship that transited the canal last week amounted to 200,400 tonnes, with three container ships affiliated to Danish company Maersk carrying this amount in cargo.

Cargos are the main standard to calculate the traffic growth in the Suez Canal, given that transit fees are calculated based on them.

The number of ships transiting through the canal from the west, coming from the Port Said entrance in the North, was approximately 144. This marked a daily average of 21 ships, and total cargos of 9.1m tonnes with a daily average of 1.56m tonnes. This compared to an average of 179 ships per day during the previous week.

The number of ships that transited the canal, coming from southern entrance of Suez Canal, was approximately 173. This constituted a daily average of 25 ships, with total cargo of 10.5m tonnes with a daily average of 1.5m tonnes, compared to a daily average of 186 ships during the week before.

The following table illustrates the traffic in the Suez Canal from 2 to 8 October (cargo in million tonnes):

Total cargo Total number of ships South North Day
  Cargo Number of ships Cargo Number of ships
2.316 38 1.32 20 0.993 18 Friday
3.35 53 1.79 30 1.56 23 Saturday
2.386 40 1.36 24 1 16 Sunday
2.026 46 1.4 26 0.886 21 Monday
2.89 49 1.595 22 1.293 27 Tuesday
2.62 43 1.95 29 0.666 14 Wednesday
2.735 47 1.06 22 1.674 25 Thursday
18.323 316 10.475 173 8.093 144 Total
2.61757 45.1428 1.49642 24.7142 1.15614 20.5714 Average
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