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Minor Islamist Friday protests mark start of ‘boycott the bloody parliament’ - Daily News Egypt

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Minor Islamist Friday protests mark start of ‘boycott the bloody parliament’

As ACA protests call masses to boycott elections, Egypt’s official religious institutions describe

Hundreds of anti government protesters demonstrated Friday in different governorates against the coming parliamentary elections, chanting against candidates.

In Alexandria, the stronghold of Al-Nour Party, the only Islamist party participating in the elections, some protesters damaged elections banners and signs of potential candidates, while others sprayed graffiti over the posters.

The angry protesters also chanted against Al-Nour Party candidates, where were described as “traitors”. Social media pages siding with the Muslim Brotherhood reported that many arguments were a result of ripping of the posters, however no clashes were with riot police were reported.


Similar protests took place with much less intensity, however with the same technique, in Giza, Sharqyia, Kafr Al-Shiekh, Fayoum, and Behira.


The protests came after the pro Morsi Anti Coup Alliance (ACA) called upon its supporters to demonstrate the coming parliament describing it as “bloody”. It added in a statement last week that “the parliamentary elections joke has been postponed many times” till the government finished “fitting” the parliament to meet its needs.

“We are ahead of a joke that will pass on the corpses of thousands of Egyptians, which aims to grant legitimacy to the regime,” ACA added.


Pro-Morsi groups such as the ACA often organize marches and demonstrations following Friday prayers. The groups refused to recognise the legitimacy of the current government that followed Morsi’s ouster, and still refuse to recognise the government of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

In response to the calls of boycotting the elections, the country’s Grand Mufti Shawki Allam said Saturday that Fatwas to forbid voting are flawed and against  the Islamic Sharia Law. He added that such calls are political motivated and are driven by groups that “doesn’t want prosperity for Egypt”.

All of Egypt’s Islamist parties are boycotting the elections with the exception of Al-Nour Party, which is strong supporter of President Al-Sisi’s government. Although it in many occasions declared its hostility to the Muslim Brotherhood, it is still accused by secular forces as an aid to radical Islamism members to enter the parliament.

He added that participating is part of “Egyptians’ responsibility to help the country pass the critical period.”

Elections will take place Sunday and Monday, and the Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC) designated 26, 27,28 October for the second round of elections.

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