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Live updates: Preliminary election results

Al-Nour Party and “For the Love of Egypt” to face off in second round

Preliminary results of the first phase of the parliamentary elections were announced by judges, following the vote count that started in polling stations as soon as the ballot box closed. Most results came out for lists, but also for several individual candidates.

Numbers were announced at two levels: either at the limited level of one or a few polling stations, or at the level of a general committee combining several constituencies in one governorate.

The “For the Love of Egypt” (Fi Hob Misr) electoral list seems to have obtained a majority of votes in several governorates of Upper Egypt, but also witnessed some competition by “Nedaa Misr” and the Egyptian Front Coalition and Tayyar Al-Istiqlal list, mainly in Minya, Beni Suef and Fayoum.

However, in West Delta, competition with Al-Nour Party has not yet outlined what the results look like, with both sides claiming to have won.

Sameh Seif El-Yazalm leading the “For the Love of Egypt” list, told CBC channel Monday night that “despite difficulties in Alexandria, we expect to win in the first round by a difference of nearly 1,700 votes more than the Al-Nour Party, out of a database of 70,000 voters.”

This comes as on the other hand the Al-Nour Party has claimed to be winning over “For the Love of Egypt” in the governorate of Beheira, the third largest of the 14 governorates in terms of voters (3,528,484).

Younes Makhioun, president of the Al-Nour Party, slammed local media reports and accused the media of bias towards its rival, adding that “Al-Nour has suffered an attacking media campaign throughout the electoral process, whether in private or state-owned media”.

13:15 List results from five constituencies in Aswan reported by MENA:

“For the Love of Egypt” – 123,047 votes
“Nedaa Misr” – 50,209 votes
“The Egyptian Front Coalition” – 32,045 votes
“Al-Sahwa Al-Wataneya” – 25,235 votes

“Nedaa Misr” received more votes than “For the Love of Egypt” in the constituency of Nasr El Nouba in Aswan.


12:30 In three constituencies in Beni Suef, Judge Mohamed Al-Banna announced results. The total votes of the three combined led to the following result:

“For the Love of Egypt” – 61,861 votes
“Nedaa Misr” – 34,213 votes
“The Egyptian Front Coalition” – 32,151 votes
“Al-Sahwa Al-Wataneya” – 7,630 votes

“Nedaa Misr” ranked first in one of the three constituency in Beni Suef, while the “Egyptian Front Coalition” ranked second after “For the Love of Egypt” in another constituency.


12:15 State media EgyNews reports a deceased candidate in Minya, Mahmoud Mehanna, received 368 votes, despite his death in a car accident two weeks ago.

11:00 Judge Gamaly Ali, president of the Qena primary court, announced results for the constituency of Qena Center:

“For the Love of Egypt” – 50,625 votes
“Nedaa Misr” – 24,802 votes
“The Egyptian Front Coalition” – 13,488 votes
“Al-Sahwa Al-Wataneya” – 7,433 votes.

10:30: “For the Love of Egypt” and Al-Nour Party lists will face off in run-off elections in the governorate of Matruh, according to state-run news website EgyNews.

10:20: Judge Farag Moussa in the general committee in Montazah, Alexandria said “For the Love of Egypt” got 84,312 votes compared to Al-Nour’s 17,310 votes.

10:00: “For the Love of Egypt” announced Tuesday morning that 12% of polling stations in Upper Egypt have finished counting and that the list has so far won 60% of votes.

08:50: Luxor, Judge Hussein El-Sherif told state-run news agency MENA that the “For the Love of Egypt” list won 30,773 votes, followed by “Nedaa Misr” with 5,079 votes, then “Al-Shawa Al-Wataneya” with 2,308, and finally 4,735 for the “Egyptian Front Coalition”, according to MENA.

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