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Al-Nour Party threatens to withdraw from parliamentary elections

Al-Nour Party leaders will only observe the run-offs in the electoral process, says Borhamy

By Mahmoud El-Sayed

A number of Al-Nour Party leaders threatened to withdraw from the parliamentary elections, stressing that the party will re-assess the phase after the runoff elections.

They also said the electoral process is a falsification of the facts through the use of political funds and electoral bribes. They reported violations to the police, who they said did not respond to them.

Party leaders are observing what is happening in the electoral process in the run-offs, pointing out that they do not feel at ease since the committees opened for voting, said Yasser Al-Borhamy, vice president of the Salafi Call.

Borhamy said the party will meet after the end of the run-off elections to discuss what the progress. If the unfair situation continues in the electoral process, they will withdraw because continuing this way is bad for them, he noted. The electoral process will not go well, since they say there is clear injustice towards the party’s candidates in the provinces, along with the silence of those who are responsible regarding what is happening.

He said the decision to withdraw will be made by the Supreme Electoral Commission and those responsible for the elections, and the police, are reluctant and silent about the use of electoral bribes and irregularities before the commissions. The Al-Nour Party reported to the police but the reports are ignored, he said.

Shaaban Abdel Alim, Assistant Secretary General of the Al- Nour Party, said they are observing the electoral situation now, especially irregularities from the candidates in a number of provinces. They offered approximately 25 reports since voting began on Wednesday.

Members and delegates of the party monitored the violations of a number of candidates,  citing Al-Aamiriya candidate Rizk Ragheb Deif Allah in particular, according to the party.

Abdel Alim said their discontinuation in the elections is not linked to rivalry in the second phase. The Al-Nour Party is running with 24 candidates.

If the electoral process continues with the same current status, “then there is no need” to continue in the second phase, he said. The party will discuss this matter after the completion of the run-offs and will hold a meeting before the second phase to discuss whether to continue or withdraw.

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