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Pro-Esraa El-Taweel activist released pending investigations

Lawyer hopes charges are dropped, saying “there are no violations”

The release of activist Mohamed El-Damalawy was a trending topic over the weekend, as his arrest raised controversy on social media.

Arrested on Wednesday for standing in front of the Press Syndicate in solidarity with detained activist Esraa El-Taweel, El-Damalawy was released the following day, as users on social media urged to escalate the issue in favour of El-Damalwy.

Most posts insisted that El-Damalawy could not have violated the controversial Protest Law as he was alone not among a gathering.

According to his lawyer, Eslam Hashem, there are no formal charges against El-Damalawy in the report, as he told Daily News Egypt Saturday that he expects his acquittal, confirming that the prosecution is yet to decide on the case.

In a video released by Cairo Portal on Thursday, El-Damalawy appeared sitting on the stairs of the Press Syndicate holding two posters which read “Esraa Al-Taweel is free” and “stop forced disappearances”.

A security guard spoke to him, asking El-Damalawy why he was standing there carrying the name of a person he claims not to personally know. El-Damalawy explained that he was rallying for the cause, hoping senior security officials would listen and reconsider her detention.

The security man was clearly heard in the video telling El-Damalawy “I am not arresting you” and “it is your right to stand”.



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