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UN Security Council approves resolution to start peace process in Syria

The resolution is a message to all Syrian sides to stop the war, says John Kerry

The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution Friday that endorses a roadmap for a peace process in Syria with all 15 Member States.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the resolution for Syria is considered a crucial step to build on and the UN is focusing on two major targets after the Vienna talks; a ceasefire and reaching a permanent agreement between the regime and the opposition.

He said the UN is ready to back a peace negotiation between both the regime and the opposition there, urging to put an end to using weapons against the innocent. Despite their agreement, the world powers are still divided over the fate of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and on who will represent the opposition.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the resolution is a message to all the sides to stop the war.

“This council is sending a clear message to all concerned, that the time is now to stop the killings in Syria and lay the groundwork for a government that the long-suffering people of that battered land can support,” Kerry said.

US President Barack Obama stressed on supporting the allies in the region and stopping the spread of terrorism, which cannot happen without political process in Syria, Kerry said.

The resolution calls for a ceasefire, talks between the Syrian government and opposition, and a roughly two-year timeline to create a unity government and hold elections.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the UN meeting stressed on the importance of representing all sides of the Syrian conflict and to push towards these negotiations. The Syrian alone people must determine their own fate without any pressure from the international community, and it also must determine the fate of Al-Assad, Russia said.

French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius called for a “guarantee” that Al-Assad will leave according to the UN plan, stressing that the Al-Assad’s removal is important, not only for ethical reasons, but also to reach an agreement.

Mohammad Bassam Al-Malek, a member of National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, told Daily news Egypt this resolution is a crucial step. “This is the first time that the UN [Security] Council adopts a resolution unanimously,” Al-Malek said.

He believes the application of the resolution on the ground will depend on international pressure. “I think Russia is pressuring the Syrian regime now to return to the negotiation table.”

Meanwhile, Syrian former Brigadier Ali Maqsoud believes the strategic change on the ground led to this political outcome. “The withdrawal of Turkey, and its support to terror groups, was an important reason behind achieving this change.”

Maqsoud also believes this resolution will lead to positive outcome. “The regime welcomes this resolution, and Syria is ready for internal Syrian talks, and any ‘national opposition’ will be welcomed,” he added.

According to Maqsoud, the resolution redefines the scene, with the world powers now speaking about “fighting terrorism”.

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