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18.213: Where ideas turn into businesses

18.213 is where anything can happen; where dreams come alive, says founder

A gallery of startups and ideas: that is what “18.213” founder Sahar El-Arishy aims to introduce to the local mindset. In a time when entrepreneurs are getting extra attention and endless engagement, El-Arishy decided to reintroduce a small business and build a strong platform.

The heart of Maadi presents the perfect venue for any upcoming business; the slick and modern venue is designed to embrace any concept.

18.213 is Egypt’s first experiential launch pad to aid startups, designers, artists, and social initiatives with a platform, where they can find innovative brand storytelling, event planning and management, venue rental, social media marketing, and networking.

Daily News Egypt met with Sahar El-Arishy, the creative mind behind the concept, to know more about 18.213, its opening event, and where it aims to head next.

What is 18.213?

It is a place where anything can happen, where dreams come alive. An entrepreneur can come up with an idea but it has to be an exceptional idea so I can turn it into a live experience. People can come and go through some sort of sensory engagement. It is not just about them seeing a product that already exists or an idea in a magazine ad, they have to come with an experience and actually get to meet the person behind the brand.

It is like being at a concert and wanting to go back stage to meet the members; we provide the same concept here; you get up close and personal with the entrepreneur and the brand. I am an experiential launch pad and I basically aid startups to launch.

The venue's design allows it to embrace any given concept and mold accordingly (Photo from Facebook)
The venue’s design allows it to embrace any given concept and mold accordingly
(Photo from Facebook)

Why did you organise this event?

I started in January 2016 and I have a full schedule of events. Last week, I turned my corporate brochure into a live event.

When did you start this project?

I started in 2012 and it was the my first pop-up venue. I later lived in Montero for two years and I just came back with more knowledge to take the concept to the next level. I want to be the first experiential launch pad in Egypt.

What services do you offer?

If you are an online business and you need to test your business on the ground and you want to target a selected clientele, you come to me. My leverage is my network, consultancy, and event-planning skills. So you get all these services in a premium location in Maadi. My main strength is that I connect my client with the consumer that I identify is relevant to the brand.

What startups have you already launched?

I helped launch Black Sheep, a jewelry line by Zeina Housny and artist and fashion designer Deana Shaaban. I have also organised a summer party to launch three online startups Shebsheby, Fouta, and a bag brand. We created a multi-brand event just before the beginning of summer and it was a big hit. Our location is right in front of Cairo American College (CAC) so when we launched Black Sheep, the entire collection sold out in a matter of hours.

What is your background?

My background is in marketing communications and event planning, which gives me great experience in my work now.

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