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High risk factors of getting pneumococcal disease

People with certain medical conditions or of specific ages have higher risk, says CDC

A large number of people can suffer from pneumococcal disease but some are at higher risk than others. According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some specific ages or those who suffer certain medical conditions have a higher risk of getting pneumococcal disease.

CDC specifies high risk groups as follows:


Children who are at higher risk for Pneumococcal Disease

Younger children are at higher risk for pneumococcal disease, including children who are less than two years of age, children who attend group child daycare centres, or children who suffer specific diseases such as sickle cell disease, AIDs, or chronic heart or lung diseases.

Children of specific racial groups may be more prone to carrying the disease including American Indian, Alaska Native, and African American.

Adults who are at higher risk for Pneumococcal Disease

Adults 65 or older are also at a higher risk for pneumococcal disease. Some adults between the ages 19 and 64 years are also at higher risk of getting the pneumococcal disease. They include adults who suffer chronic diseases in the lung, heart, liver, and kidney or those who have asthma or suffer diabetes. Adults are at higher risk if they suffer from a weak immunity system because they might suffer certain diseases such as AIDs and cancer. Adults who smoke cigarettes are also at a higher risk of contracting the disease.

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