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Interior Ministry plans for Police Day celebrations as Brotherhood moblises for protests - Daily News Egypt

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Interior Ministry plans for Police Day celebrations as Brotherhood moblises for protests

Ministry released nationalist version of the Egyptian flag with the slogan of Al-Sisi’s presidential campaign


As the fifth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution approaches, the Ministry of Interior is extending its security measures throughout country, planning for “Police Day celebrations”, while the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated entities are mobilising their supporters to protest.


Despite calling for celebrations of “Police Day”, the ministry announced a high security alert throughout Egypt, and will deploy heavily armoured troops in public squares in front of police stations and governmental institutions. The ministry also announced that all vacations are cancelled for officers and soldiers.
The ministry also published a modified version of the Egyptian flag, with its logo and slogans, “The police of the people” and “Long live Egypt!” The second was the slogan of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s presidential campaign in 2014.
Al-Sisi himself, in response to calls for renewed protests on 25 January, emphasised his commitment to submit to the political mandate of the Egyptian people to prevent a national security crisis.

Calls for protests on 25 January 2016 have been circulating on social media outlets, asking citizens to protest against the current regime and its widely publicised human rights abuses. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood calls for anti-government protests to “renew the revolutionary trend”.
“A new January has come. A January of bread, freedom, and social justice,” Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Mohamed Montaser said “The current January will not be our peak of the struggle.” He further asked young protesters to stage demonstrations all over the country.

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