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GB Auto introduces seven new cars in Automech Formula

Elantra HD returns as locally assembled Elantra AD and Tucson becomes first 2017 model in Egypt

Ghabbour Auto Group is preparing to launch seven new cars at the Automech Formula on March 16.

New cars will be introduced at three of the company’s exhibitions, Hyundai, Mazda, and Cherry; the Chinese Geely will be absent from GB Auto’s exhibitions.


Ghabbour will launch four new models of the Korean Hyundai, the Creta, Solaris, Elantra HD, which will be reintroduced as the locally assembled Hyundai AD, as well as the Tucson, which is the first 2017 model in Egypt.

The SUV Hyundai Creta comes with a 1,600 CC engine and 123 horsepower, with 6300 rpm; the car is available with automatic transmission.

Creta is available at a prices ranging between EGP 189,990, and 241,000 in three categories:  EGP 190,000, EGP 224,990, and EGP 240,900.

The highest category comes equipped with ABS brake system, 16-inch rims, electric side mirrors, and front fog lights.

Ghabbour will also launch Hyundai Solaris in sedan and hatchback varieties, both with a 1,400 CC engine that produces 107 HP and 6,400 rpm. The car will be available with automatic transmission.

Solaris will come at a price between EGP 140,500 and 152,500 in four categories. The first is a sedan at EGP 140,500, followed by EGP 142,500 for the hatchback. The third and the fourth categories are Sedan and hatchback at the price of EGP 150,500 and EGP 152,500 respectively.

The highest class of the car has front seat airbags, ABS brake system, 15-inch wheels, and power side mirrors.

The company is neither revealing the specifications nor the price of the Elantra AD as a surprise for the Egyptian market.

Ghabbour will present the new 2017 SUV Tucson, equipped with a 1,600 CC engine, 130 HP, and 6,300 rpm with an automatic transmission.

The car comes in five price categories, EGP 254,990, EGP 273,990, EGP 282,990, EGP 306,990, and EGP 309,500.

Class A of the Tucson comes with airbags for front seats, ABS brake system, 16,-inch wheels, power mirrors, and front and rear fog lights.


Ghabbour will present the new Mazda 2 at the Automech Formula .

Mazda 2 is powered by the developed 1,500 CC SkyActive G engine, 108 HP, and 6,000 rpm. The engine is fuel economic, consuming only 5.5lt per 100 km. The car is available in automatic transmission.

It will have front seats airbags, 15-inch wheels, center lock, power mirrors, and fog lights.

It comes in four categories at prices of EGP 163,990, EGP 165,990, EGP 174,990, and EGP 176,990.


Previously known as Esperanza and Chery, GB Auto will introduce Envy and Tiggo for the first time in March. Both models have achieved large sales volume, ranking second and third over sales of Chinese-origin cars.

The sedan, Chery Envy, comes with a 1,500 CC engine with 109 HP and 6,000 rpm, and a manual transmission.

The first category of the car has ABS brake system, 15-inch wheels, power mirrors, front, and rear fog lights.

The SUV Tiggo comes with an engine of 1,500 CC with 126 HP and 6,150 rpm. The car is available in manual transmission.

The first class of the model comes with ABS brake system, 16-inch wheels, power mirrors, front, and rear fog lights.

In October last year, GB Auto announced the completion of a trilateral cooperation with the Chinese Chery International and Abul Fotouh Automotive, giving GB Auto distribution rights to Chery models, known as Esperanza, in Egypt.


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